press release

My new tactic: put a new pair of glasses on.

So really, this is only the second cycle we are doing this way. And the first one almost worked. That’s not so bad. That still allows us to fit into the 55% of women in my age group who get pregnant and take home babies at my clinic each cycle.

It’s called “spin”, people. Play along, will you?

The other cycles, you ask? Oh, we were just messin’ around. You know, trying things out. We wouldn’t have wanted this to be too easy. Then we wouldn’t have appreciated a pregnancy or a baby.

I mean, really, who thought it was a good idea during that 2nd fresh cycle to do battle with my cervix without dilating it?

And who thought, during the FET and the 3rd fresh cycle, cramming dried pieces of seaweed up my cervix 24-72 hours before transferring delicate little embryos could possibly work?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So maybe I believed. But now, now, now!! I see my errors. Of course my cervix won the battle. Those transfer catheters really aren’t that cunning. And of course those little embryos committed suicide – you would have too had you been subjected to the very angry uterus. I don’t blame my uterus. She probably thought the embryos were the spawn of the evil seaweed.

So going back to the old way doesn’t seem so bad. right? RIGHT? RIGHT?

~ by Larisa on March 31, 2007.

7 Responses to “press release”

  1. Just to let you know…
    You look great in your new glasses!

  2. New glasses, makes life so much clearer. Hope the different perspective works wonders!

  3. Laid back shades, excellent choice.

  4. Right. Absolutely.

    I would bet fortunes on 55% odds.

  5. Love the new look.
    Really. Love it.

    55% is phenomonal. You ARE in that group. And you know it can happen–it did. This time, though, you will give those embies coordinates for landing, and they sure as hell better listen up!

    Sending you loads of peace…

  6. 55% is a GREAT number to work with! Whoo-hooo! New shades rock!

  7. Beautiful, gorgeous new shades. While you are laid back and relaxing, I’m holding your hope!

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