one of *those* days

Well, it didn’t start off so bad. My car was ready, though the body shop called 20 minutes before closing on Friday to tell me. So we went and got it early this morning.

I haven’t mentioned the painters. We had crown moulding installed throughout the house a few weeks ago, and last week we were supposed to have it painted. I say supposed to – the painter guy came…but he really didn’t work much last week, so our 5 day project has expanded to 10. And the house is a wreck. And the painters keep tracking in dirt. DIRT. Loads of dirt. Today was the first day any paint actually went up on the walls. Which, I guess isn’t so bad.

We’ve been bringing our dog to doggie daycare each day so she isn’t underfoot while the painters are here. More about that in a moment.

I also haven’t mentioned that I actually quit my job at the copy shop about 2 weeks ago. That’s really a good thing. We decided I’d just take COBRA beginning April 1. It costs about $315 per month, which is far, far less than the at least one fresh IVF cycle we’ll be getting out of it.

I’ve been looking for jobs, sending resumes. I actually interviewed for one position I hated.

But this insurance thing? That’s a full-time job in and of itself. I spent days in February making sure the embryology lab would be covered at the in-network rate – it’s the only one within 60 miles of where we live. And it isn’t contracted with ANY insurance companies. That’s an issue in and of itself as well – that I neither know the reason for, nor think is “fair”. So we pay out of pocket all the lovely embryology charges ($5280 for anyone curious). And they should reimburse at 90% of “usual and customary” fees. But they weren’t. They were reimbursing at 70% (the out-of-network rate). I called 4 times. The first time, I got the stupid girl who said, yes, indeed it is in the notes that you are supposed to be reimbursed at 90%, but you will have to wait for the denial first, then write letters, etc and deal with this for potentially the rest of your life. The second time I got disconnected. The third time I got another stupid girl. The fourth time I finally spoke to someone with a brain. That – since I had already gotten this approved, yes, she could talk to those mysterious people who actually decide what gets paid – and FIX the problem. So that fourth phone call was worth approximately $1400 and saved a lot of grief. Not SO bad.

Back to COBRA. So…my insurance is technically cancelled at this moment. I knew that would be the case; however, whenever the magical paperwork actually arrives, I fill it out, send my premium payment, and have coverage that is effective back to April 1.

I knew this. I told my doctor’s office this. So that I could get my meds ordered BEFORE the coverage lapse so I wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. So last week, my doctor’s office sends the prescription to the WRONG pharmacy. Who calls me. And isn’t sure if they are networked. The following day, they call – indeed, they AREN’T networked. They have faxed the order to the appropriate pharmacy. I call that pharmacy to see what I can do to expedite the order. Nothing. They have to process the order – and they don’t know where it is.

So the following day – still nothing. And then the next day – Friday. They finally have the order, but they have to verify it with my doctor’s office. They do that. I spend an hour on the phone with them – pushing this process along – getting the insurance approval (before it’s all denied) and give them my credit card number and have an amount that is charged to my card. The meds will arrive Monday. My doctor’s office also spent about 30-45 minutes making sure this was going to happen.

So I wait today. And wait. No delivery. I call to find out the status. Oh – the progesterone in oil wasn’t approved by your insurance company so we didn’t ship. Or call. Or anything.

So I sit on hold while they try to fix it. They can’t. I call my doctor’s office. They try to call to fix it. I finally get a call back and subsequent voicemail that I have another amount to pay for the PIO (who fucking cares at this point??) and I must authorize that to have the shipment go out tonight. I call back to “authorize” – they make it sound like it was my fault – to which a poor woman got quite an earful. Supposedly the drugs will be delivered tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath as they probably have to re-run all the insurance crap because it’s a different day.

Back to doggie daycare. I have been taking her early and picking her up each day. I requested that Mr. Hope do so today so I could attend a yoga class. I reminded him this morning that I needed him to pick her up. I went to yoga, it was wonderful.

He forgot the dog. It’s now well past when they are supposed to close. He forgot her. I don’t know why – but this upsets me the most. I trusted him with this little thing – and he fails me. I work at this IVF stuff – I spend all aggravating day dealing with it. I get most of it worked out.

And I just wanted some peace at the end of it. Grrrr.

~ by Larisa on April 2, 2007.

9 Responses to “one of *those* days”

  1. I effing hate insurance too. I spent most of June and almost all of January and February on the phone with people at the insurance offices (stupid ones mostly), doctor’s offices that wouldn’t do their part, and crappy pharmacies. I feel your pain.

    I’m sorry your hubbie forgot the dog too… definitely not what you needed.

    Hang in there. When will your next IVF protocol start?

  2. Geez! Can you puhlease catch a break? Apparently, having coverage isn’t as glorious as I’d imagined.

    Glad you had a good yoga class. Hope it brought some balance to your crazy, crazy day.

    I’m sorry he forgot the dog. Hope the dog is having a party at daycare, staying out past curfew. 🙂

  3. Insurance is a pain, even if it saves a lot of money.

    Sorry about the dog, was someone still available for you to pick her up, or did she have to stay overnight?

  4. Insurance is a pain, even if it saves a lot of money.

    Sorry about the dog, was someone still available for you to pick her up, or did she have to stay overnight?

  5. I swear it never feels like we get a break at life some times. Hugs honey.

  6. oh god, what a frustrating day. i would have felt the same way about the dog. hope today is a better day.

  7. I had the same problem with IVF. They said that OFFICE was out of network even though every damned doctor was in network plus the anesthesiologist was out of network. Like I had a choice. I had to appeal it and call once a week for months before it got straightened out.

  8. You deserve a medal for dealing with the insurance nightmare. What a PITA! and you also deserve to have someone take care of you once in a while.

  9. I would be so angry about forgetting the dog. SO ANGRY!

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