post 300?

I think it’s post 300. I’m a little unsure because Blogger counts drafts as posts – and I have a few that have never been published. So I’m over 300, but it’s about 300 published.

I feel a little downtrodden today. I had my pre-Lupron sono – right ovary looks great. The left has 2 small (11mm and 13mm) hemorrhagic cysts. Which means no Lupron start on Sunday. My doctor, ever optimistic, is having me come back on Monday to see if they get below 10mm. I’m not exactly holding my breath.

We will do sedation for transfer. I think it’s best at this point.

When I asked about the gestational carrier thing; my doctor said, “I was hoping you weren’t going to bring that up.” He told me the possibilities that he talked to CCRM about – all things we’ve talked about and eliminated. That they would do this as a last cycle “their way” – placing the laminaria now and hoping for a good transfer later. And if they didn’t get it, and I didn’t get pregnant, no more cycles for me.

My doctor just said that he was hoping I wouldn’t bring it up because he wasn’t ready to talk about it for me yet. I didn’t push further. I don’t think I really want to know more. He’s not ready, I’m not ready, and Mr. Hope is even less ready. And if I need to know more, I can always ask later.

So now I wait, probably to wait some more.


~ by Larisa on April 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “post 300?”

  1. Hugs for you!!

  2. Gulp – last cycle. That must have been tough to hear.

  3. Mrs. Hope, blimey this is just never never straightforward for you, is it? Hoping those cysts shrink fast.

    When the doc says ‘last cycle’ does he include the gestational carrier idea? Or just for you doing a cycle with your embryos?

  4. Must have been very hard to hear! Same question to you as thalia…

  5. Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you–hope the waiting is not terrible!

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