priorities and thanks

When I started treatment and “cycling”, I eagerly posted all the details: follicle sizes, doses, the number of days of stims.

All that information seemed like the “important” part. It seemed like the progress, like our chance at getting somewhere with all of it. I still keep a record of all of that information, it’s just no longer important enough to share in excruciating detail.

I also used to count on those statistics. Those statistics are nearly meaningless now. It doesn’t matter if 57% was the live birth rate for my clinic in 2005 if I’m always in the 43%. I just want it to work – I’d like it to work for everyone – but right now, I want it to work for me. No matter what my personal success rate might be, I need this one to be 100%

What’s important now? The story. The stories of all the women whose blogs I read. The yearning, the heartbreak, and hopefully the success. Follicles, schmollicles. Hope, love, support – that’s the good stuff. That’s why I keep reading and writing. All of your human stories that, though the technical pieces are different, the wants are the same.

I will share that I did trigger last night. Retrieval will be Saturday morning. I hope this is a turning point in my story. A healing point, a tipping point, a successful point.

Thanks for reading, thanks for caring, thanks for continuously holding my hope. Thanks for all the hoping, wishing, and praying for me – both that I know about and that I don’t. It’s all welcome, it’s all overwhelming, it’s all appreciated.


~ by Larisa on April 27, 2007.

15 Responses to “priorities and thanks”

  1. I wish you luck, success, and most of all happiness!

    (I too lost interest in the numbers after a while.)

  2. Hoping, wishing and praying for you down here in New Braunfels. Best of luck on Saturday. I’ll be sending grow-vibes to your little embryos.

  3. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow AM–I too hope that the only number you have to see is 100% success!

  4. I can understand your loss of interest in the numbers… at the end of the day, all we care about is YES or NO.

    Let this be your YES time!!! Hoping, wishing and praying for you, Mrs. Hope.

  5. Best of luck to you. I very muh hope to see good news from you very soon!

  6. Holding your hope so tight, it could never extinguish. I want so bad for this to be your turning point. Best of luck, I will be praying for success.

  7. Oh, much good luck tomorrow! I’m hoping for a good count, high fertilization, and an easy recovery for you! Let me know if you need some gatorade, I’ve got plenty to share~

  8. i hope this is the turning point you’ve been waiting for too. best of luck on Saturday.

  9. xoxo.

  10. good luck…this has to be it for you…i can feel it!

  11. So true, other peoples numbers are interesting, but reading about the emotional aspect is what helps.

    Best of luck with the retrieval. May fortune finally fall into your lap.

  12. Best of luck!!!

  13. Best of luck!!!

  14. Love and prayers to you .. all the way from Down Under.


  15. The healing point – I like that.

    I’m wishing you so much luck right now. Hope today went well. In my thoughts!

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