thanks and hmmm (edited)

Wow is all I can say about the outpouring of love and support. I appreciate it so much. I appreciate how much all of you want this for us.

That said, I’m scared. The line is lighter today. I know, a line is a line is a line. But it “should” get darker. It did from Wednesday to Thursday. But today, the line is lighter than it was on Wednesday. I did get a digital positive today (the first I’ve dared to take).

I know only the beta will tell tomorrow.

Please stay.

ETA: It was bugging me enough that I took another test, same brand, different batch, and the line is darker. I guess they’re called “evil” for a reason.


~ by Larisa on May 11, 2007.

25 Responses to “thanks and hmmm (edited)”

  1. Good luck for the beta tomorrow – sending you lots of luck for a BFP.

  2. Very much good luck even from me for tomorrow. Don’t let yourself get freaked by the color/thikness of the second line. There is a second line. That is worth so much.

    Good luck tomorrow. Am thinking of you and keeping it all crossed.

  3. good luck tomorrow!

  4. good luck tomorrow!

  5. Try not to get freaked out about the lighter line, remember it is the line that counts (I know that is really hard to do, I’ve been there). Good luck on the beta tomorrow.

  6. I know it’s really really hard but try to hang in there. Those peesticks aren’t meant to be quantitative, and they’ve certainly gone lighter on me even when I KNOW that the beta is rising. Hang in there til tomorrow, we’ll all be here with you.

  7. Best of luck with your beta tomorrow! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you.

  8. So glad you took another test even if they are evil! I hope the beta tomorrow just confirms the good news.

  9. Saying huge huge prayers for you and keeping you in my thoughts! – EmH

  10. Good luck with your beta!

  11. My guess was it was just the ratio of fluid to hormone in the test. Glad you got a darker line on another one. I am so excited for tomorrow–at the very least, it must be nice to be going in armed with a positive HPT or 4.

  12. My guess was it was just the ratio of fluid to hormone in the test. Glad you got a darker line on another one. I am so excited for tomorrow–at the very least, it must be nice to be going in armed with a positive HPT or 4.

  13. That’s what makes pee sticks evil – the fact that they don’t measure the AMOUNT of HcG in your system, just whether or not you HAVE HcG. That you’re getting lines is good news.

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow hon. I’ll be thinking of you.

  14. I am sending so many good thoughts for the beta tomorrow along with this fizzy water with lemon. Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations 🙂

  15. More lines, that’s good.
    I’m hoping for a fabulous number tomorrow.

  16. When I was pregnant with my boys, the line would get lighter than darker than lighter and drove me nuts. I did find it was always darker in the afternoon than with FMU for some reason.

  17. Those darn pee sticks ARE evil. But I am not one to talk, I peed on them for 2 weeks straight after my BFP. How’s that for crazy? 😉 Good luck with the beta!!!

  18. What kinds of test are you taking??? I took 10, a variety 🙂
    I found that the FRER were light no matter what.

  19. evil, evil, evil. i hope tomorrow brings you much relief. i know it takes a pregnant fertile a LONG time to let go of the lingering effects of so much loss, but you so deserve to enjoy this time!

  20. Totally ignore the lighter line…it can vary based on how diluted your pee is and probably other factors as well. Good luck at the beta!!!

  21. Those lines are misleading. A line is a line, no matter how dark. As a seriously deranged pee stick junkie, I can tell you that I’ve dunked multiple sticks — same brand, from the same box — in the same dixie cup of pee within seconds of each other and gotten totally differing shades of lines. Yet another reason that they are the devil incarnate.

    Good luck with your beta tomorrow!

  22. I will be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping that you receive only good news. I can’t wait to hear an update!

  23. Can’t wait to hear the beta. The HPT are evil because they can get ligther and darker and it means nothing. Glad you have been reassured by a second darker test.

  24. oh gosh i know how dangerous having a house full of hpts can be.

    good luck for tomorrow. you will be in my thoughts all day long!

  25. Hi Mrs. Hope,
    I’m another random person from out there. We met through the twentysomethings group quite a while ago. Periodically I have checked in on your blog. Tonight I got word that you had a good week. So I checked in on you again (with a great deal of excitment for you) and I also scanned back to see how long ago this all started for you. I read a few random posts through the years. I just have to say that you are a lovely genuine person. I want to send you all the well wishes I can. Good luck tomorrow.

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