continued thankfulness

Not a long post…

hCG: 1314
P4: 467.2
E2: 4665

Wheeeeww. Another blood draw in a week, and the first ultrasound is scheduled for 5/30, which will be 6 weeks, 4 days. Based on the P4 and E2, the odds are I’ll be stopping all meds.

Oh please just let this keep working.


~ by Larisa on May 18, 2007.

26 Responses to “continued thankfulness”

  1. Oh hon. I can only imagine how nervewracking this must be. Good news all around though.

    Thanks indeed!

    Hugs and happiness from Boston for you. 🙂

  2. Delurking to let you know that I am sooo thrilled for you! Your last post about being in the moment and today your pregnant touched close to home with me, just last month I was saying that, and for 2 precious weeks I was and it was fabulous! Enjoy every moment! I am sending many prayers your way that a beautiful healthy baby is the end result !!

  3. Exhaling with you…
    You are taking each step so very gracefully. Congratulations!

  4. I could not be happier in this moment with you! Hoping to continue watching you take each step! EmH

  5. Deep breaths! This is wonderful news. Think positive — everything is looking great. I believe that it’s finally your turn to have your dream come true. I know how hard it is to finally believe that you have succeeded after such a struggle – but it certainly appears that you have.

  6. Beautiful numbers! I have been holding my breath for you all week.

  7. Congrats sweetie!!!!!

  8. I just happened upon your blog today after a particularly painful PIO shot.
    It’s amazing – I had my embryos transferred the same day as you, and my ultrasound is scheduled for the same day as you (may 30th).
    And no, this isn’t my first IVF either.
    I’ve been very quiet about my infertility journey – no real blogging, no talking to friends, anything!
    Wednesday, I found out my beta had doubled. I can hardly believe it, there’ve been so many disappointments.
    I wish you the best until the 30th! I know I can’t stand the waiting. Actually, I’m fretting because my RE’s office doesn’t want to do another beta – but waiting that long? I dunno if I can take it.
    But good luck – from someone pretty much on the same schedule as yourself!

  9. Another step forward! I’m so pleased for you.

    About stopping the meds, my ob/gyn (the one the RE sent me back to) told me to phase out my medication (progesterone supplements and progynova), and not to stop abrubtly. She had done an internship at a fertility clinic, and that was the advice they gave women.
    I’m hoping that’s one of the few questions you’ll be addressing your doctor on u/s day!

  10. Congratulations! I’ll be sending lots of hugs and prayers to you.

  11. Fantastic news Mrs. Hope, that is one healthy number indeed – in fact a very healthy set of numbers. I continue to be very very pleased for you.

  12. Fantastic news Mrs. Hope, that is one healthy number indeed – in fact a very healthy set of numbers. I continue to be very very pleased for you.

  13. Congrats, but I know you are nervous as all get out. One day at a time, enjoy today, and all those other crappy cliches. Go treat yourself to something, it’ll be a nice positive association to have with the pregnancy!

  14. How wonderful! Your bloodwork sounds perfect. I know how stressful those first few weeks can be (oh who am I kidding, it appears that the worry doesn’t really go away until the birth), and really hope that the worry doesn’t take away too much of the joy of the moment. Keep that good news coming!

  15. fantastic! I hope the rest of the month passes with as little worry as possible and that you’re able to enjoy this time. Congrats =)

  16. Great news! I am keeping my fingers crossed, but this all looks great. Hang in there…waiting for that first ultrasound is so agonizing!

  17. i swear if i knew where you lived in texas i would find you and give you a great big tearful HUG!!! i’m so happy for you beyond words!

    still cheering for you from san antonio!

  18. Beautiful, extraordinary, miraculous numbers.

    Oh Mrs. Hope it looks like this is it for you. I wish I could give you a hug and a kiss.

  19. Wonderful numbers, Larissa! All the best to you!

  20. I am excited & encouraged by both the numbers and your continued humble, hopeful, positive attitude. My thoughts will continue to be with your through the u/s & beyond. 🙂

  21. Those betas are lookin sooo good…

  22. Truly great betas, girl!
    Can’t wait to see how many little beans decided to listen to their momma and stick around.

  23. FANTASTIC NEWS! Hurray!!!

  24. Awesome numbers Mrs. Hope. Hoping all is going well!

  25. Looking good! Will continue to pray for you… it is nerveracking waiting for that first ultrasound!

  26. You must be ready to vomit. Well, don’t, cuz that won’t help anything.

    I’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear an update soon!

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