a day early

I had a schedule change at work that put tomorrow’s appointment in jeopardy, so I called and was seen today instead.

The heartbeat was great: 163, the baby had grown to somewhere around 15mm which is about 8 weeks, 1 day (I’m 8 weeks, 4 days) – he first measured 7 weeks 6 days which had me a little on edge, but moved the probe around a bit and got the larger measurement. The gestational sac had grown, though it’s actually smaller in proportion to the baby than it was 9 days ago.

I’ve been discharged, though not without my doctor indicating he is still concerned about the sac size. He said there’s really nothing he can do about it, anyway – that it just “bugs” him. My reading indicates that this occurs in 2% or less of intrauterine pregnancies, that the rate of failure in the presence of this “small sac sign” is 80-90%, and that it occurs more often in karyotypically normal embryos than in chromosomally abnormal embryos. Even in the presence of a fantastic heart rate and normally growing baby, the demise (in the 2 studies that actually look at this relationship) happens. This is discouraging – all the other studies indicate that miscarriage rates plummet with a great heart rate and embryonic growth. And many don’t look at gestational sac size.

I’m trying to ignore all of that information – though obviously I’m not doing the best job. We’re thrilled with what we have, we just want it to become a real, live, hold-in-our-arms baby. I feel better about this than I did last week, and hopefully each week that passes will bring a little more confidence.

OB appointment in a week. I get a scan then, too.

~ by Larisa on June 13, 2007.

22 Responses to “a day early”

  1. Mrs. Hope,

    I am so happy to hear your little one is still hanging around. good luck, you are in my thoughts.


  2. Larissa – I’m glad things look OK at this point, its a great heartbeat. I’m sorry about the small sac size, it must be very worrying. I’m hoping for the best.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. I’ll be keeping you and the little one in my prayers.

  4. Hang on tight. I pray that in another week you are able to get more information, and only positive information.

  5. One more week behind you. Baby measuring on schedule and strong heart beat are all positives.

    Try your best to get through this next week, holding onto the positives as tight as you can.

    I’ll be continuing to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. oh, Mrs. Hope, i’m so happy for you. i know it’s still very scary. hang in there. i so wish this was easier. your in my thoughts and prayers…

  7. Grow baby grow, just keep growing stronger and stronger everyday.
    I’m praying.

  8. I wish this was easier. I’m so pleased the embryo is doing so well, but that sac size thing does sound worrying. Keeping it all crossed for you that next week shows a big leap in size.

  9. I am happy to hear the bean is growing. I’ll be praying for you and bean!

  10. In some ways, easy access to information via the Internet can be a bad thing. I, too, tend to seek out the latest medical research on whatever infertility treatment I happen to be going through. The temptation is irresistable. But I think having too much information can actually be a bad thing; it gives you more to worry about.

    Hang in there. I hope you get good news from your OB in a week. Perhaps he/she will be able to tell you more about his/her experiences with small sac sizes?

  11. Ack! Your dr should just keep his sac worries to himself; it’s not like there is anything you can do about the risk factor. I really admire your ability to be positive and focus on the positives today. Your baby is fighting back every week, and maybe it will work on the sac size now that it is thriving otherwise–your baby seems to be a very hard worker and oddsbeater already 🙂 (just like mommy).

  12. It is tough to ignore the statistics. Hang in there, Mrs. Hope. I am glad you are feeling more positive than a week ago. While I know it doesn’t count for much, I have a really good feeling about this baby, and I can picture you holding him/her in your arms. I will be saying my prayers for you guys.

  13. One more week down. Thinking of you, and of your baby, and hoping so very hard that next week’s scan is a positive one.

  14. So happy for the heartbeat=) I bet that was an amazing experience!

  15. I haven’t given up hope yet. Glad you haven’t either.

    Hang in there baby!

  16. I’m still here for you – and so sorry it’s been so tough. But this baby is gonna be tougher!! Hang in there sweetie.

  17. this sounds pretty good. i know at some point it is normal for the sac to become smaller and smaller compared to the baby (eventually the placenta takes over), but i’m not sure how early that’s suppossed to happen? let’s just say your baby is advanced in that department!

  18. this sounds pretty good. i know at some point it is normal for the sac to become smaller and smaller compared to the baby (eventually the placenta takes over), but i’m not sure how early that’s suppossed to happen? let’s just say your baby is advanced in that department!

  19. I’m still holding my breath and thinking positive thoughts for you. Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear some great news after next week’s appt.

  20. Great news, Mrs. Hope. I’m still praying for you and your little one.


  21. Nice! This is such a monumental moment for your family – I’m so happy the baby is doing well.

  22. Every week your little gummy bear hangs in there it is more and more likely that the pregnancy will work out. It must be scary for the doctor to be bugged about the small sac. I’m impressed that he’s that honest with you. I hope beyond hope with all my heart that the small sac is meaningless.

    You’re all three in my thoughts and prayers

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