wanting to exhale

I had my first ob appt today – the office is the same as my friend’s office – I’m seeing one of her colleagues. So the same sonographer did the measurements today.

Heart rate is still good at 173, and the baby had grown. Arms/legs were clearly visible and curled up near the baby’s body. The sonographer said she saw the baby move – her eyes are clearly more trained than mine. She made us a DVD of the whole scan, which is pretty cool.

The baby measured 8 weeks 4 days (I’m 9 weeks 4 days). That’s 3 days worth of growth in 5 days. It was measured differently in two ways today – first, this was the first time we’ve done an abdominal scan. Second, instead of measuring with the baby in profile, the baby was facing us, so the measurements were on a different plane. Does anyone know if these things make a difference? The gestational sac measured at 8 weeks.

The doctor said she was satisfied with the growth between scans, but they are labeling me “high risk” because this is an IVF pregnancy, and she’d like to continue to monitor the growth at one week intervals for now. So I go again next Wednesday.

It was good and disappointing at the same time. I keep waiting for the appointment where everything grows on target. Please, please, please let this work out. Please.

~ by Larisa on June 21, 2007.

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  1. I am still praying for you! I know that your little one and you will be just fine. As hard as it is- please have faith that he is watching over both of you!!! Keep growing little one— your parents love you so much already!!!

  2. Things sound so good, Mrs. Hope! You and your little one are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Arm and leg buds–that’s exciting! ((Hugs))


  3. it’s a beautiful thing to see little arms and legs and a little one in general. hang in there. i know it’s difficult. still in my thoughts and prayers as usual!

  4. Aww, arms and legs, how cute! And how great that you have video. I will keep praying that your little one grows, the sac grows, and all will be well. At least you only have to wait a week for another scan. Hang in there.

  5. Things are looking good it seems Larissa, hang in there. I don’t know if it makes a difference measuring different planes, intellectually it makes sense: ultrasound is all about position. I had a scan early in my second pregnancy that indicated that the baby had an exceedingly large head to body ratio and scared everyone. A week later, it was normal with an explanation only that perhaps it was a weird measurement. Sometimes babies are smaller than average, or larger than average, or sacs are strangely shaped. It just happens, even when things are good. The HB is great, development sounds completely normal, and I’m so happy the OB thinks every thing looks good so far. IVF pregnancies are always considered high risk, I was closely monitored with mine. I think it suits us IVF’ers, we need the extra monitoring, reassurance, and help that being labeled “high risk” can give you. All the best. So glad that things are looking OK at this point!!

  6. Larissa,
    I’ve been a lurker on your blog for awhile now. Sounds like good news – congratulations. I don’t know a lot about early u/s, but even later in gestation the estimated weight can be off by up to one pound (plus or minus). U/S is not an exact science – as with most medicine. I would love to say not to get too entagled in the details, but I’m sure that is what this whole process has been focusing on – attention to detail. I hope that you can find moments to enjoy this time. Good luck to you.

  7. glad to hear heartbeat is still good, hoping next week shows a simpler, completely positive picture.

  8. Your first OB visit…what a great milestone to have reached! I (and all the other girls from the Yahoo group) continue to keep you in our thoughts daily. **Hugs**


  9. I’m so glad you had a good u/s and arms and legs are so cool to see. That’s great that you will have another u/s in a week and that you’re being closely monitored. I would think that the change in the position of the u/s could make a difference in the measurement, it’s looking at a different angle. I’m thinking about you and your little one daily.

  10. Oh Mrs. Hope, this is like chinese water torture. I am hoping SO hard for you – I think of you and your little one often and hope that the day isn’t far away when you get that “all looks normal” scan.

    *hug* Hang in there.

  11. It sounds like things are starting to level out a little bit and hopefully with just another scan or two, there will be nothing to keep you from feeling that all the world is right inside your belly. I will be thinking about you…

  12. Keep growing, Baby!

    I hope next week brings you a sigh of relief.

  13. Continuously thinking good thoughts for you and your baby!

  14. You are in my thoughts daily. I am yelling please, please, please with you! Yeah for arms and legs!


  15. Yes, please grow! This sounds like good news to me though but I can understand why you are worried. Hopefully you can get to a place wher eyou can relax and enjoy being pregnant very soon.

  16. Still praying for you and your little one here… hoping that things “even out” or normalize a bit for you soon. Grow, grow, grow embryo!

  17. Go, Baby! Go, Mrs. Hope! Good work, you two!

    Delurking ~ love reading what you write. Wishing you all the best, every day!


  18. Many prayers are going your way. I hope the baby catches up soon and you will be holding him/her in your arms soon.

  19. Many prayers are going your way. I hope the baby catches up soon and you will be holding him/her in your arms soon.

  20. I discovered your blog through the Commentathon, and just finished reading everything since the start of your IVF #4. The tears in my eyes right now makes it a bit difficult to type, but just know that I will be praying for you, your hubby and this little baby so much!

  21. I am so glad your baby is still growing and moving and beating. HUGS!

  22. yes, i would think those differences in measuring could make a huge difference. okay well “huge” might be the wrong word given what we’re talking about, but you know. and being “high risk” has it’s upsides: extra checks and insurance has to cover all the scans!

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