yes, again

So this new job of mine is a speech pathology job, but it’s different than previous jobs in that I travel to each child’s home and provide the services there. So I’m driving more than normal for me.

Yeah. Well, this morning I was on my way to a kiddo’s house, when the light I was going to turn left at turned red. I stopped somewhat quickly, but the guy driving the big Will.iams truck behind me didn’t. Or rather, he seemed to stop himself with my car.

I stayed remarkably calm. Calmer than I would have guessed. My car is in pretty good shape considering the sheer size of his truck. The bumper is screwed. But the entire time, all I was thinking about was this baby.

So I called (these OB people are going to think I’m absolutely nuts) and had the sono a day early. No bleeds anywhere, and the little critter had grown the 6-7 days it should have since the last scan. It definitely moved around today, arms, legs, it’s whole body kind of wriggled. And it had clearly changed positions within the sac. They said the sac looked good, the heart rate was 173 again.

I go again in 10 days for another scan. Barring any additional car accidents, that is.


~ by Larisa on June 26, 2007.

16 Responses to “yes, again”

  1. God, please give Mrs. Hope a break, keep baby growing big and strong, and let her enjoy the rest of this journey. Thanks.

  2. congrats on the great scan!!!

  3. congrats on the great scan!!!

  4. God is so good, just keep growing baby only what 7-8 more months to go. I’m praying for this little bean!!

  5. I’m so sorry! I’m so glad that you and the baby are fine. Take care of yourself! Sending you lots of love.

  6. Geez, so much for an “uneventful pregnancy week” as someone mentioned in your earlier set of comments! I’m glad you got the satisfaction of a great u/s & that the baby is growing as it should be. *hugs* 🙂


  7. Oh, that’s horrible that I’m so ecstatic and wanting to celebrate about your u/s news in spite of this awful streak of luck. I hope your neck/back are feeling okay? Still, the last part of this post really made my day :).

    I’m not going to be a jinxer anymore, either!

  8. wow, you have everything working against you…what is up with that!
    so glad you got another ultrasound though! keep up the good work 🙂

  9. well good news the baby is a-ok and you got to see him/her a day early.

    i had a little fender-bender in the early days in one of my pregnancies as well. of course, i freaked but baby was find. you have a lot of fluid in there to cushion small little bumps like that. THANK GOODNESS!

  10. So glad that you and the baby are BOTH ok.

    Nice scan, too! Keep up the good work, baby!

  11. well, that’s ONE way to get a scan, I suppose.

    And wonderful news that your baby has grown the way it needed to!

    Let’s hope that next week is an uneventful one for you, ok?

    I am happy that you and the little one are ok.

  12. I’m so proud of you for staying calm. It’s hard to know how we’ll react during those moments. Thank God everything is fine.

  13. I’m so glad everyone is okay (aside from your bumper, of course).

    Keep up the good work, baby!

  14. That’s scary Mrs. Hope! I’m so glad your good news scan was able to reassure you. May your news continue to be good.

  15. Oh thank god you and the baby are OK! That would have scared me to death. I am sorry about your car though. I bet that scan gave you lots of peace of mind – sounds like all is well in your little one’s world.

  16. Breathing a big sigh of relief over here regarding the appointment. I am so sorry that the car accident happened yet again, but am completely thankful that all is well.

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