6 days

We had another scan today. I think, other than Suri Cruise, this baby may be the most photographed baby in history. And that’s only because Tom bought a sonogram machine. If he had been playing by the rules, we’d win out for sure.

Last time, 10 days ago, Mr. Hope and I were in agreement that the baby quite clearly resembled a teddy graham. While the arms were present, they didn’t exactly have the right proportions.

Today, we agreed that it had grown – a lot. But we couldn’t agree on a suitable description. I said skinny alien; Mr. Hope said human. Hopefully he’s right.

I also don’t have a clever nickname for it, and I don’t like calling it “it”. Seems so impersonal for something that fills my heart and goes everywhere I go, huh?

Six days. That’s how many days behind we were today. Which was actually quite pleasant to hear – that means it’s gained a day since the last scan. I definitely breathed in a way after this scan that I haven’t in awhile. 42.3 mm long. There were hands. Fingers. And two thumbs. That was incredible – and I’ve watched the DVD she burned for me twice already.

And it’s 6 days until the NT scan. Not a lot to say about that – hoping for more good growth, and really, really hoping that this baby is healthy. Just a little small, but healthy. Please, please, please.

All in all – a good way to end a week. If the scan goes well next week, we might actually have to tell people in “real” life. Yikes.

~ by Larisa on July 6, 2007.

11 Responses to “6 days”

  1. Fantastic! I was really hoping to read something like this on your blog today.

  2. Oh that’s wonderful! Glad you got to see your little twiglet. Sending warm thoughts that he/she gains another day or two.

  3. They really do look like little aliens at this stage don’t they? It’s hard to come up with a nickname, but one will come.

  4. They really do look like little aliens at this stage don’t they? It’s hard to come up with a nickname, but one will come.

  5. Thats fantastic news! I am so thrilled for you both.

  6. I’m so happy that you had such a great scan today!!! And yay for such a photographed baby. I’m glad it’s looking a little bit more human and less teddy graham-ish! I’m thrilled for you!

  7. Great news 🙂 Sending many good thoughts for the scan next week too. I’m going to put my bets on small and healthy. Oh, and small also means extra cute.

  8. Yahoo!! We called Aidan squirrel baby for awhile – I get the skinny alien. He also measured a week behind for the first 4 months – we just assumed I ovulated late. Who knows? And he has never fallen below the 95% for weight and height since he popped out. Can’t wait to celebrate in “real” life!!

  9. I wanted to finally stop in and congratulate you!! I used “Baby” for my blog for my kids which isn’t original but is a million times better than “it”! I am so happy for you guys!

  10. FANTABULOSO! it is hard coming up with just the perfect name for just the perfect little love. maybe at the next scan you’ll get inspired! again, CONGRATS!

  11. OMG. Friggin AWESOME. Such good news. Good Luck on your next scan. I’m still holding your hope, but it sounds like you are starting to grasp it on your own, which is wonderful!

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