lots of rest for the weary

So I had another scan today – baby looked good. It had grown the appropriate amount since Friday, the heart rate remains in the 160’s, and it was moving around. I’m still spotting. There were still no obvious signs of the source of the blood, but the placenta is “low-lying”. That doesn’t really mean much at this point, other than that my doctor said it’s the most likely culprit for bright red, painless bleeding. Most low-lying placentas move up over the course of the pregnancy – but she did say I may have recurrences of bleeding over the next 1-3 weeks. I’m on modified home bedrest through Monday of next week.

So, lots of rest for the weary. We’ll see what this week brings – hopefully that placenta will inch up and I’ll be back in the world shortly.

~ by Larisa on July 9, 2007.

23 Responses to “lots of rest for the weary”

  1. What an absolutely terrifying weekend you have had. I hope this week brings you lots of peace and dry underwear! Please baby, stop scaring your mommy!

  2. I’m glad you got a good report & also glad that you’re on modified bedrest. Take it easy…. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh, thank goodness! I have been thinking of you all day! Such good news. I’m sorry it had to be such a roller coaster, though. At least you have a fair warning of spotting in the next few weeks so if you have it again, you will have an intact explaination.
    Keep on trucking, baby Mrs. Hope/Mr. Hope Jr. πŸ™‚

  4. I had a low lying anterior placenta with my son, and the concern was that it was right on the other side of my c-section scar. I was freaked out, because the doctor told me all the scary things that could happen. It did move and I had no problems, but it did freak me out.
    I am praying for you and your sweet little trouble maker in the oven.

  5. glad baby is going strong! We’ll keep praying!!!

  6. Good news! Please let the good news continue! Keep growing baby!

  7. What a horrific weekend for you! Just reading the “bright red blood” account was awful…I cannot imagine living it! It sounds like they have a good handle on the issue and will keep a close eye on you and little munchkin. Take it easy!

  8. you rest up and take it easy. let everyone be at your beck and call. that should be interesting!

  9. Forgot my password, havent used this in a while but saw your post and wanted to tell you the SAME thing happened to me my whole first trimester. They never could figure out why. I spotted and bled every color of the rainbow. I was put on bedrest and made it thru. Take good care of yourself and rest. I will be thinking of you ~Jess

  10. So glad that the scans are providing reassurance. You deserve it. Every day is a victory, Mrs. Hope, and moves you closer to the day you’ll hold your sweet one in your arms.

  11. Okay, here’s where I make you feel a bit better, I hope.

    My very close friend who is an IFer herself, had first trimester bleeding, is now a healthy 17 weeks pregnant. The baby is 100% fine and healthy.

    But bedrest really cleared things up, I know it will help.

  12. very glad that all is still well with the embryo. Hope you are managing to stay sane.

  13. Larissa –
    I’m so happy things are looking good so far. Spotting is scary, I know. It is hard to stay sane during this period, hang in there.

  14. Thank goodness! I hope the bedrest does the trick for you. Take care of yourself!

  15. PHEW!

  16. That’s good news. Rest up. Let the hubby wait on you hand and foot!

  17. You need the bedrest. I’m sure you’ve had sleepless nights. Get lots of stupid romantic comedies, and have sweet dreams about your little booger.

  18. Just had to check in again and tell you how much hope I have reading your blog. I also have advanced endo (last lap two years ago) and a stenotic cervix. Keep on keepin on little baby! And, to my embryos on-board….your mother is demanding that you find a place to settle in and NOW!

  19. Thank goodness for the reassuring news from the scan. Hopefully the bedrest will do the trick and this spotting business stops once and for all.

  20. I guess enjoy your rest?? At least no one can run into your car if you’re not driving it this week. One less thing, eh?

    Thanks for updating. I’m glad there is some understandable cause, and I hope the placenta moves up quickly.

    Here’s to an easy baby to follow such a crazy journey so far!

  21. Thank goodness! I hope the bleeding stops – you deserve a stress-free pregnancy from here on out!

  22. thank goodness. i’m glad they found a reasonable reason for this, AND that you’re on modified bed rest. i so hope this gets easier for you…

  23. Keep resting up! You’ll need all the energy you can muster in a few months with midnight feedings and sleepless nights of rocking your little guy/girl back to sleep.

    Still hoping only the best for you! Take care.

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