life feels good

And it’s been such a long time since I’ve felt that. Sure, there have been parts of my life that churned on and were ok. But for the first time since my brother died, since all of the treatments, I feel a sense of peace I haven’t felt. A peace I didn’t always know was absent – that’s the truly odd thing. It’s really nice.

Mr. Hope and I are joking with each other much like we used to – before this black cloud took residence over us. It’s so fun to watch him during this pregnancy – how much it means to him – and how it’s so different than it would have been had this been easy. He’s simply the most amazing man I could have found.

We had another scan yesterday – all looked well. The bleeding has eased, though we did decide that I would stop working full time. I may be able to pick up some contract work from my current employer and another place once I feel more comfortable doing so. And I actually am going to go 2 weeks until the next scan (barring any more bleeding).

I ordered baby bedding last week. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. I fell in love with it, and a few days later managed to find a deal I couldn’t pass on. It’s gender neutral – I wanted to choose something before we knew the gender. Which, by the way, we got a little peek at yesterday. We think we know, but it’s still early, so we aren’t making any big announcements yet. It’s fun to think of him/her instead of “it”.

And we are telling my parents tonight. Mr. Hope’s parents in about a week and a half. That’s scary for me too, but I also know it’s “time”. I don’t have anything cutesy planned.

Life feels good. Life is good.

~ by Larisa on July 24, 2007.

22 Responses to “life feels good”

  1. Yes, yes, life is so good. Thank goodness you finally get to lie back into the peace you rightfully deserve. I am so delighted to read this post. I think this is the day I dreamed about so long ago. It is so nice to hear your exhale that has been maintained for so long and to uncontrollably smile a teethy grin at your newfound peace. I’m so completely happy for you. It does feel good, doesn’t it?

  2. (((HUGS))) for such a wonderful post and time in your life!!

  3. Oh Mrs. Hope, I am SO elated for you & the fact that you are finally able to enjoy life…even simple things, like joking with your husband. Congratulations!

  4. i am so, so happy for you. you deserve to be feeling this good!

  5. Woot woot!!!! I am so happy for you!

  6. I’m so happy for you! Thank you for keeping us up to date on everything. Can’t wait to find out if you are having a “he” or a “she”.

  7. happy, happy, joy, joy…YAY!

  8. This post is so nice – it truly is. I am happy to hear that things are starting to settle in now and that the universe is allowing you to feel the joys of pregnancy. I am anxious to hear about the parents’ reaction!

  9. I’ve been following you since before I had my Norah (was jennyscurry) and I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am that everything looks so good and that you guys are finally going to have your long awaited baby, I’m glad the baby is fine, I know what its like to have less then perfect scans (although I’m almost a generation older than you LOL). I am beyond excited for you and congratulations!

  10. What a wonderful post, Mrs. Hope. I am so, so glad you feel peaceful and good. So glad the little bean is growing well and can’t wait to know whether it is a he or a she (though I have a guess after this post). Life is good.

  11. Life IS good! Glad everything is going well. Hope the next 2 weeks pass quickly and without incident.

  12. So glad to see this post, Mrs. Hope. You and Mr. Hope deserve every little bit of the good feelings. Long may it continue.


  13. I love this post. I wish I could see the expressions on your parents’ faces when you tell them. What an amazing amount of joy. Speaking of that joy, I feel like every time I hear more good news from you, it is like I just got an exciting present. It may sound silly, but I just feel so relieved and still a little in shock that this is finally happening for you. I think it just comes from reading your blog over the past couple of years–I love happy endings!

  14. That’s great Mrs. Hope. Enjoy every minute. I am so so happy for you!

  15. I wish I could see the look on the parents faces when they get the news. You have such tremendous self control to have kept it from them for so long!!

    Life feels good. I’m so happy for you!

  16. Getting teary here. Glad that life is good at last!


  18. Telling the parents, how exciting!

    I’m very glad to hear you’re feeling good right now.

  19. I am so happy to hear you happy. ((HUGS)))

  20. Awesome! I’m so happy you are feeling so great, it brings warmth to my heart and tears to my eyes. Have fun telling your family!

  21. I’m smiling for you. It is great to hear that life is good for you. I’ve been following your journey for over a year, and I look forward to the happy destination.

  22. How did the telling of the parents go? Hope all is still well!

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