Nine years ago today, Mr. Hope and I got married.

I can’t believe it’s been that long. Lindsey talked about marking time on her blog – our anniversary is one of those markers for me. Each year I would think to myself – maybe by our ___ anniversary we’ll have a baby. Or I’ll be pregnant. We went on a trip to Kauai for our 6th anniversary – we’d just begun trying at that point, and I thought for sure we’d luck out and have a vacation pregnancy. How wrong was I? But this anniversary is different.

I am so fortunate to have met and married Mr. Hope. I can’t imagine anyone else dealing with me through all of the infertility testing, treatment, or tears. It was hard for both of us, and sometimes I think he got the short end of the sympathy stick just because he wasn’t the one having the laminaria crammed into his cervix.

But it’s so incredible to watch him now – to hear him being protective of me and this little being (though sometimes overly so). To see his smile when all looks well on that screen – to begin to plan with him about our future with a baby.

I can’t believe how lucky I am right now. I would do all of it all over again, as long as Mr. Hope can be there with me.

~ by Larisa on August 1, 2007.

13 Responses to “9”

  1. ahhhhh 🙂 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And just think…next year you will be celebrating the love that created your family of three. 🙂

  3. Awww, Happy Anniversary!!! 9 happy years and now on to 9 happy months =)

    Take care, hugs
    Dawn (daybrkd)

  4. You’ll never forget this one, will you? Happy, Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Hope & Mr. Hope!

  5. i’ve always thought IF can either be horrible or beautiful for a couple. it’s unfortunate that some couples don’t survive. but it’s so beautiful to see those that do survive and fall deeper in love through their IF journey.

    happy anniversary to the both of you…a very beautiful couple.

  6. Just wow, This is the happiest Ive ever “read” you.
    How far along are you? I’ve lost track!! I hope to be in your shoes very soon. I knew this would work for you, but I just get over it.
    Hows the bleeding?

  7. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on having such a beautiful love that can survive anything.

  8. Happy Anniversary Mrs. Hope and Mr. Hope=)

  9. I am so so happy for you Mrs. Hope. Your joy just oozes from your post and I KNOW it warms everyone’s hearts that this is FINALLY happening for you. SOAK IT UP BABE!!

  10. Happy Anniversary!

  11. happy anniversary, sweetie, I’m glad it’s a different kind of milestone this year.

  12. Happy, happy day — especially because this time next year you will have your love in carnate in your arms.

  13. Happy Anniversary!!

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