on a completely different topic…

Cloth grocery bags. Mr. Hope and I have tried to do some of those “Earth-friendly” things over the past few months. We’ve replaced several light bulbs with those compact fluorescent things, we’ve bought cloth rags for cleaning, and we’ve bought cloth grocery bags – the large kind for putting all the groceries in and the smaller ones for produce.

I save at least a dozen plastic bags on each major shopping trip. Not a lot, but it’s my little contribution. I like the cloth bags – they are large, they can fit on my shoulders, and something I didn’t expect – they’re quiet. Sounds weird, but I like it.

The grocery people are not impressed. Each time I go, I hear them (do they think I can’t?) complaining about how hard they are to pack. Are you kidding me? Today I heard, “The produce just gets wrecked in these.” Uhhh…I promise my cloth bags are more padded and protective than those flimsy little plastic bags. They also don’t roll around in my trunk nearly as much as the plastic bags.

Back off, grocery people. I’m saving your store a little money and maybe I’m making a tiny environmental difference.

~ by Larisa on August 20, 2007.

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  1. I have a ridiculous amount of tote bags given to me by the school systems and by doctors offices. I use them as grocery bags, unless I need plastic bags for dog poop… the bagger comments ALWAYS get on my nerves. I was a bagger once upon a time, and I don’t remember it being an artform.

  2. I just bought some cloth bags the other day from the local
    ‘gourmet/snooty grocery’. When I went to another store yesterday and used them, I felt like I was getting dirty looks from the bagger boy who just stood there. Hopefully it will become more common and then people won’t be so weird about someone trying to do a good thing. Hmmmppphh!

  3. You still have people to bag your groceries?! Minimum wage is way to high for jobs like that around here.

    Many supermarkets charge for plastic bags, especially since taxes on them went up again. I’ve been trying to use reusable bags for a while, so I don’t mind the incentive.

  4. I’m with Lut C . . . Baggers? What are baggers? Where I shop I’d be lucky to have anyone there to complain about my bags. 🙂

    Seriously though, they should get a grip and just do their job, whatever bags the customer likes. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

  5. I have been trying this too, when I remember to bring the bags with me. The last time, the store used my two bags and then gave me plastic bags for the rest of the stuff that wouldn’t fit, and when I got home I realized they had put two extra plastic bags inside one of the bags. Duh! That pretty much defeated the purpose. I do recycle the plastic bags I bring home, though. It kills me to just throw away a plastic bag. I just saw one blowing down my street a minute ago. Nice.

  6. that last line made me chuckle. you tell ’em!

  7. Our baggers give me hell when I request the paper bags instead of plastic if I’ve forgotten my canvas ones. I use the paper bags as weed barriers in my flower beds to assuage my guilt. Anyway, they like to get their revenge by either packing them so heavy they tear before I get them IN the trunk, putting cans on top of lettuce, peaches, or avocados, or putting things in plastic bags and then in to paper bags. Most of the time, I simply say, “Y’know what, why don’t you go help that line. I can bag my own.”

  8. Ahh, yes. You must have been at “Gucci-B”
    But right on, Mrs. Hope. Eventually, they’ll be complaining about the plastic ones. Just wait and see.

  9. I have the most fabulous nylon bags from reusablebags.com which are the same shape (more or less) as the plastic ones and can fit on the metal bag holders. I haven’t had a single complaint, and in fact I get compliments from the baggers. And they pack up really tiny too! Check out http://www.reusablebags.com/store/acme-bags-workhorse-style-1500-p-1.html?

  10. is it me or is your pregnancy going super fast? youre over 18 weeks…oh my. time is flying!
    cant wait to meet this little girl!!

  11. That’s weird, our grocery store sells them for 99 cents. And its just a regular grocery store.

  12. good for you!

    Our grocery store gives a 3 cent discount per bag that we bring in. I once had a pimply faced teenage boy tell me matter of factly that “it didn’t make financial sense” to bring my own bags.

    I wanted to tell him I was saving the world for his smug butt, but I didn’t . That would have been mean. Instead I just told him that these bags didn’t rip on the long wald from my car to my condo, and it wasn’t about the money.

    As for the produce getting wrecked, perhaps if they didn’t put the potatoes on top of my tomatoes, there wouldn’t be a problem.

    and now I am laughing at the word varification I have… it is omgwaif. as in OMG- waif!

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