but you see, I paid for this

What does every infertile girl want? Well, that’s pretty easy to answer: a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

I am 26 weeks, 5 days today. I’m healthy. My blood pressure is good, and they tell me I’ve gained the “perfect” amount of weight. She’s good – her heart rate is good, her fluid levels are good, and last week’s scare is…well…*so* last week (as if I’ve completely let that go, yet).

What’s missing? What else could a pregnant infertile want?

The belly.

Now, don’t get me wrong – all that healthy stuff is absolutely first priority. But seriously, strangers still don’t know I’m even pregnant.

And I paid for this. I paid to be part of the “ooohhh…when are you due?” club.

Don’t get me wrong here – if you know me – if you knew me before – you can tell. I know I’m growing each week. I had to give up on my pajamas this week. And I can’t fit in any of my normal clothes. There is a belly there. It’s just on the small side.

But I’m craving a big, pregnant belly. And I keep thinking it’s just a couple of weeks away. The problem is that I’ve been thinking that for about 8 weeks.

I know, I know. Not something I should complain about. Both because I am (was?) an infertile girl and because all the pregnant women say they are jealous of my lack of belly.

So, because I know some of you will ask, I’m posting a picture taken at 26 weeks. Just page down, down, down. Sorry. Hadn’t dried the hair or put on make up yet that morning.


~ by Larisa on October 18, 2007.

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  1. Ugg, blogger just deleted my comment: anywho, as I was saying-you look adorable! Cute as a button-belly=) I understand the ache for a big-ol-belly, and hopefully before she makes her appearance, you will really POP=)

  2. I think you look fantastic, Mrs. Hope. Really.

    My guess is that since you have a long torso, your there’s more area for your belly to spread up and down, instead of out.

    But. I do get your craving for a big, pregnant belly. So complain away.

    And I hope you get it soon!

  3. Hi Mrs. Hope. First I think you look great. Second, I am in the same boat as you. I am 30 weeks 3 days today and don’t look that big. People notice depending on the clothes I wear. I also expected to be bigger at this point. In fact, someone at work today said “you don’t look that far along.” I guess we should be happy our baby girls are happy and healthy, but I too long for the big belly. Here’s hoping we pop soon!!!

  4. Oh dear. I hope this wasn’t triggered by my IMs to you. I think you look adorable! You can SO tell you are pregnant. People would have to be ignorant to not notice. You have plenty of room to grow and you’ll probably be comfortable through to the end– as opposed to being too big and uncomfy.

  5. You are so cute Mrs. Hope. Your little belly is adorable.

  6. OMG…you look so cute! You’ll get that big belly soon!

  7. You’re a cute pregger Mrs. Hope! The big belly will come… don’t worry!!

  8. i think you look cute! i do understand what you mean by wanting the big belly. i wanted it right at 8wks! my problem was that i was a big girl to begin with so i still just looked fat for the first half of my pregnancy. but i promise the big beautiful pregnanty belly will come. along with all the oooohhs and aaaahhhs.

  9. I can see that belly and it is absolutely beautiful. While maybe not large in size at the moment, it is completely full of love and dreams and wishes. It is large in the sense of all that is to come, of the future of your expanded family.

    I couldn’t be happier to see that belly, and I can’t wait to see how big it will become. 🙂

  10. That is SO not how I pictured you!
    You are freaking adorable.
    i love the belly bump! its the perfect size!

  11. I had that craving, too. It is your right to want it. I’m almost a little sad that I only get to have it for 5ish more weeks. Seems like I just got here. I think that picture is great, and I see that belly getting bigger and bigger, but I hope it pops out soon enough so you can get all the questions from strangers that you want.

  12. Mrs. Hope,
    Even though you don’t have the big pregnant belly…you still have the glow. And you look great too! If it’s any consolation, my sister was petite like yourself and she didn’t pop till her 8th mth….so just wait you may get your big ol’ belly yet!

  13. Mrs. Hope, you look beautiful, and you DO look pregnant. You will get your big belly soon enough! I think you look just right for 26 weeks.

  14. You look absolutely beautiful. Your belly is fabulous.

  15. Been there and people will NOT even come close to asking until you are around 8 months( since you have a small belly). If they aren’t 100% positive that you are expecting, they won’t ask. People are too afraid of offending and being wrong. You will get your belly in a couple more months. since it’s your first, it takes longer to pop out! Start waddling that always helps! 😉

  16. You look absolutely gorgeous! With the majority of America being overweight, I think that a lot of people are afraid to say anything in case they are wrong. Perhaps you need one of those frankly obvious t-shirts that say baby on board. I’m adopting so I won’t have a tummy at all, so what I did was kept going to my favorite baby stores and telling everyone. They are now so friendly (even though I’ve only spent $7) and always ask how the adoption is going, etc…

    I have to admit though, looking at you, you look prime for a natural birth. The baby is growing, you look fit and your check-ups show that everything is fine. As long as things are fine, don’t let anyone convince you to do anything, like induce, “just in case.”

  17. Oh your belly is cute but I hear you on your complaint. I can’t wait to have a belly!

  18. You so have a belly. And those boobies too! If people don’t notice, it is because they are too wrapped up in themselves to see your beautiful, glowing self. So, maybe you should enhance the waddle?! Give them a hint….

  19. I agree with all those comments that say you have the glow. You look great Mrs. Hope. You look happy.
    I’m very glad for you.

  20. You look great (and so happy!)
    And if a belly is what you want I hope it comes really, really soon. Pop!

  21. It’s coming, Mrs. Hope, I swear!

    Do remember how badly I wanted that big round belly? I had that long torso (and a lot of pre-baby flab), and thought it would never come, but eventually, poof! You wake up one morning and can’t see your *business* because it’s all hidden up by a great big tummy.
    Tee hee.

    It’s coming. I swear. Hang on.

  22. You are adorable! So cute! I understand about wanting that big ‘ole belly. Being tall and thin myself I didn’t show for a long time either but since it took us 3 years to get pregnant I really wanted to show off the pregnancy too. My doctor even warned me at the beginning that strangers will say things to make me worry like, “Are you sure the baby is healthy? Are you sure you’re putting on enough weight?”, but to just ignore them. I finally started really showing just before 30 weeks. Then, the last 7+ weeks (Grace was born 3 weeks early) were fun to show off the bump. Try and enjoy it and know that you will lose your weight fast too, which is a bonus to not have to buy “in between” clothes after the baby is born.

  23. You look adorable – and it’s been a long while since I’ve commented, but congratulations!

    April (formerly of Underwater Clown Conspiracy)

  24. You look great! I looked similar to you around then, and I did eventually get a noticeably pregnant belly. It might have been slightly after where you are now – definitely by 30-32 weeks, people would assume I was pregnant and ask when I was due.

  25. hi, mrs. hope

    thanks for stopping by to say hi on my blog. i think you look adorable. i know what you mean about wanting the belly. i thoroughly enjoyed mine.

    hang in there. i’m sorry that the worry never ceases and i’m wishing you the most worry-freeness possible.


    p.s. curious to hear your feedback on our “shared” clinic. i’ve been super happy with them, but i’m stil somewhat of a newbie with them. if you feel like sharing your feedback, drop me a line at lltanderson@gmail.com

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