that HURTS

So this morning I woke up to really intense pain on my left side. Low, on the inside of my hip, but sometimes radiating either up, across, and down. There were moments this morning where I couldn’t stand up straight.

I felt pretty sure it wasn’t contractions (unless contractions are one-sided and constant), and I was also pretty sure it wasn’t gas or constipation. But I just couldn’t (and really I still can’t) get comfortable at all. I knew if I called they’d make me come in. So I waited. And waited. Until about 8 hours had passed.

And I called. And I went in. And they think it’s probably round ligament pain. The doctor touched where she said the ligament(s?) would be right now, and I almost jumped off the table.

She did a cervical check (long, thick, and closed) to be safe and hooked me up to the NST machine. BabyHope was dancing around like a champ and doing the accel/decel thing she was supposed to, and I had nary a contraction (I didn’t think I was having them).

They think maybe she shifted or maybe she just reached some critical mass that is destined to bother my belly.

So I feel a little goofy. But I’m still in pain, so it’s probably good I went in.


~ by Larisa on November 7, 2007.

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  1. OUCH! I’m so sorry that you are experiencing pain right now, but so glad that it can be explained. Those answers are far better than the question marks.

    Take care of yourself!

  2. I highly recommend the book Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year by Elizabeth Noble. Simply look up your pain and there will be a position or exercise that may relieve it. I’ve taken her course and she’s fantastic. She also had her second baby in her 40s in about 35 minutes start to finish in her backyard hot tub on Cape Cod. It was filmed because she was filming a prenatal exercise video at the time she went into labor.

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