uh, no, that wasn't me

That giant man-fart. No, really.

It was the baby. I promise.

Yes, all nine pounds and change of her is able to create a sound like that.

Now, I get quite a giggle out of some of the man-farts. Some of them.

But those that seem to cause her so much pain – those I could do without. If she’s asleep, they’ll wake her. It starts with the squirm. Then her legs stiffen, she arches her back, throws back her head, and begins to cry. I try to help her: bicycle legs, legs up to her belly or even face, warm washcloths on her belly, warm baths.

Apparently, breastfed babies can go a long time without a poop. A long time, people. Seven days per my pediatrician. And they aren’t constipated – it’s just supposed to be because breast milk is so digestible.

However, my baby went a couple of days sans poop and was in pain. She stopped eating, which earned a frantic call and appointment with the pediatrician. Who said to give her 2 ounces of plain electrolytes. Which I had to force-feed with a syringe to a screaming baby.

But she pooped, and all was well, and for a little bit we had a happy man-farting baby.

Then the painful gas returned. And she went four days without a poop. She never refused food this time, so I didn’t intervene.

She pooped this morning. That man-farting poop made my day.

And probably hers.

~ by Larisa on April 1, 2008.

No Responses Yet to “uh, no, that wasn't me”

  1. This is why babies are so cute, because some of their smells and sounds aren’t! LOL

  2. ah, the poor baby. Have you tried those over-the-counter baby gas drops? Those helped my son a lot. That, and belly rubbing. – kristylynne

  3. Ha, that is pretty funny stuff. I mean, I’m sorry for BabyHope’s tummy ache, but your descriptions were funny. I hope she feels better!

  4. The gas drops helped Zoey.

    Your last post was really nice. I also nestle with Zoey at 5 a.m. for a couple of extra hours sleep, and I have all the same worries about the pacifier (we call it el chupo) and about the bed sleeping. Oh well…

  5. Oh mY!!!!

  6. Goodness! Poor little thing. I hope that she man-farts all she possibly can to prevent her tummy from hurting. 🙂

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