meet your maker

Today, I was that infertile. The obnoxious former patient who brings her nearly 3 month old baby by the clinic to meet the doctor and some of the staff who were so instrumental in her creation.

I called ahead to arrange a time when as few infertile patients would be there as possible. Of course, at a busy clinic, it’s nearly impossible to find a time when no one is there. I think we managed to ruin only one patient’s day. And if by chance she reads this blog, I’m really sorry. I remember. I really, really do.

But it was one of those “full circle” moments for me. My doctor holding my daughter.

I’ve never mentioned anyone by name – I didn’t (and still don’t) want to influence someone else’s decision. But they deserve to be mentioned now.

Thank you, Dr. Scrubs. Thank you, Texas Fertility Center. Thank you, Nicole, Kim, Heather, Tamara, Kathy, Jen, Jennifer, April, Kristen, Lee Ann, Emily, Jamie, Meredith, Susan, and probably countless others I’m forgetting. And thank you to the embryologists, especially Tom and Hank.

~ by Larisa on April 3, 2008.

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  1. What a great picture.
    I imagine he doesn’t always get to see the real live outcome of all his efforts, but I’ll bet holding BabyHope makes up for not meeting the rest.

    How far you have come.

  2. Great photo, great post. I go to that clinic too. Dr. Vaughn. Great people, there. – kristylynne

  3. Amazing. I hope to take Bo to meet our doctor one day too — thanks for the picture and the real names. While they do deserve a kudos it’s you who really deserves it!! You went through all of the treatments. You carried her. You delivered her. YOU are her maker!! 🙂

  4. I can’t see him well, but that guy holding your daughter looks like he’s on the handsome side. I also adore chest hair.

    What a meaning behind that picture! Little BabyHope with the helpers who helped you make her.

  5. I was that infertile a month ago. I was donating meds, and I still felt guilty. I’m sure it made the doctor’s and nurses’ day to see your beautiful daughter though.

  6. Photographic proof of how you have come full circle. I bet Dr. Scrubs was quite excited to see BabyHope because he knows how hard you all worked for her!

    I must admit, I did shudder a little seeing the office in the background…

  7. She’s adorable! I’m sure the clinic staff like to see the successes and celebrate with you.

  8. I had the exact same experience – made every effort to be there when very few patients were, but still ruined a few patients’ day. We went to Dr. Vaughn and just adored him. He commented that many patients promise to bring their babies in, but never really do. I admit that it was HARD to return to that office. But Dr. V was really appreciative. Yes, they are an amazing group of professionals. My baby never would have happened without them.

  9. That is my doctor too! I have been following your blog since you were in the Statesman. You and my sister have been success stories that keep me going. She is beautiful!

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