3 years

I started this blog three years ago. I was pretty naive – I knew something was wrong, but we hadn’t been trying to conceive for that long – about 10 months at the time. I thought I’d start the blog, pop a few clomid, and BOOM be pregnant.

I never thought we’d do IVF at that point. I just didn’t think we’d need to go there. I thought we were too young, too healthy, too “normal”. Silly, silly me. About 10 months later we started our first IVF cycle. And a year later, we were still at it.

Three years of blogging. I’ve never so much as kept a journal for more than a week, so it’s quite the accomplishment. Some of the bloggers I started reading are still around, but many have either stopped blogging or have sort of just disappeared.

I plan to keep writing, though I know it’s not the same as it used to be. It can’t be. I can’t write about how horrible infertility is – it’s in the past. I can only be thankful for where I am and where this life is headed now.

~ by Larisa on May 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “3 years”

  1. So glad you started this 3 years ago! You’ve helped so many by writing from your heart – me included.

    Happy Blogoversary! I’m glad your blog has shifted gears and that you are able to write about new experiences with BabyHope.

  2. Yes, please keep writing. Now, instead of sharing the pain of infertility, you share hope and the joy of motherhood. I’ve been having trouble TTC for a few months and reading your blog and looking at the pictures of beautiful BabyHope give me tons of hope. Thank you for that.

  3. Mrs. Hope
    When Bea pointed me to your blog I read it beginning to end in one sitting…with so many tears I had to keep waiting for the blurriness to go away. It inspired me to start a blog, which has been ever-so-helpful to deal with things. So thank you…for blogging, for advice, for beautiful posts about BabyHope, and for inspiring hope.

  4. I think I am at the point you were at in the beginning. I started blogging when I found out we were pregnant, with the help of Clomid. I found your blog when I had a miscarriage and was looking for hope. You have helped me even though you don’t know me.

  5. Bone weighs less than fat…so given that her length has increased so much…that could account for why she isn’t as heavy. If she’s put a lot of energy and calories into growing recently…then it would explain why her weight is light. And chances are if she’s able to grow in length that much, shes probably getting getting enough calories. That said just watch her carefully and see if it starts to level out. I’ve had 2 small babies but they were light and short…so their curve was always low but even with height/weight/head. But I know my niece was a light and long “snake”(and I say that lovingly!!! she is adorable)baby…all height and not much weight…and she’s not levelled out and if totally perportional.


  6. Sorry, I wrote “and she’s not levelled out and if totally perportional.” and I meant shes NOW levelled out and IS totally perportional.”

    Big difference!!!


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