click, click, click

So my intention this morning was to post asking you to click through to Allison’s blog Our Own Creation as well as her other blog Sweet Zoe to help her make a new “best day ever”. When I checked her sites this morning, they’d already made it. Impressive, the power of some women on the internet, no? So I’m a little slow.

But click anyway and give her a virtual hug. She needs them.

~ by Larisa on May 29, 2008.

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  1. Nacomleavmo
    Wow well i already clicked over there, first thing this morning.
    Congrats on the wee one, love to see it when another endo sista finally gets a baby!

  2. NCLM

    I was surprised by the numbers too. Pretty impressive…

  3. Just having a quick flick through your blog (over from NCLM.) Congratulations on jumping the shark. And good for you to keep on blogging – ratings are overrated anyway, plus you do this for yourslef first and foremost. And those people that don’t want to hear about the happy ending can just go elsewhere. There are plenty more waiting wombs around this place!

    I don’t mean this at all in a churlish or sarcastic way, but I LONG for the experience of mush brain and sleepless nights. I know you probably know how lucky you are and I don’t for a minute think you are complaining. I just wanted to say how much I want that for myself. Jealousy. It is such a curse. If only I wanted nothing, how easy and fulfilling my life would be!!

  4. i am so glad she got her new best day!

    Here from NaComLeavMo

  5. BabyHope is beautiful, thanks for sharing your story!!

    Isn’t amazing what a few clickers can do when clicking together?!?!

    Here from NaComLeavMo

  6. I’m trying to get caught up here.

    Thanks for the link, it was an amazing day and every post like this helped make it so.

    Huge hugs for you and E!

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