wordless wednesday

What happens when you are patient.

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~ by Larisa on June 4, 2008.

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  1. That is a delightful picture! This a.m. my daughter and I saw one of his snapper relatives on land making his way to water.

  2. Pretty photo!
    Happy Wednesday 🙂

  3. Very nice shot.

    Love the color of the deep blue sea.

    Happy WW.

  4. Wow…what an amazing picture. Good caption, too!

    Happy WW 🙂

  5. Oh what a cool shot. I adore turtles. I have one tattoo and it’s a turtle.

  6. I love this picture! I have a pretty good one of a polar bear diving under water at the zoo. I drove my kids crazy b/c I wanted to wait for a good shot! NCLM

  7. Love the picture . . . it reminds me of my honeymoon in Maui!


  8. I love turtles! Especially since they are symbols of fertility. Thanks for sharing.

    (via NCLM)

  9. Beautiful photo!

    I also just wanted to say congrats on your little girl. I love the name BabyHope! Very pretty!

  10. Sea turtles are awesome.

  11. dropping by for NaComLeavMo – Hi!

    What a fantastic picture! I wish I could see one up close like that … WOW.

  12. hi
    I’m here from NaComLeavCom and I do WW to
    Awesome picture !

    My Little Drummer boys
    warm regards

  13. What type of camera do you use? You have some very nice shots on your blog, but, then again, BabyHope is a very pretty baby.

  14. That’s really beautiful. I love seeing turtles in the water, because they are so very different from how they are on land.

  15. hi
    I’m here from NaComLeavCom and Wordless Wednesday

    Awesome picture – love the blue
    My Little Drummer boys
    warm regards

  16. Via NaComLeavMo….
    Beautiful picture, and those things really are patient, they grow to a really old age and are slow to reach sexual maturity.
    You gotta be patent to be a turtle!

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