another need to remember post

BabyHope hit the five month mark last weekend. I know everyone writes about how fast it goes by, but it really does. And she changes so fast and sometimes so subtly that I don’t notice right away. Yet suddenly she’s so much less of a new baby and so much more an older baby.

I want to remember her sweaty curls that dry to a messy frizz after she wakes.

I want to remember her dive-bombs. She sees something and rapidly leans and reaches, completely unaware of the consequences.

I want to remember how much she likes cups. She wants to drink out of every cup she sees.

I want to remember how she needs time to warm up to new people. The quivering pout that appears when she’s had too much.

I want to remember how she’s suddenly really noticed the pets and wants to touch them. She even smiles at them now.

I want to remember that this morning was the first time she protested when Mr. Hope left the room.

I want to remember how much she loves her soft blanket. So much that I actually ordered a second, smaller “lovey” version so we have two. I’ve thought of ordering a third.

I want to remember how she loves the song I sing about her name during diaper changes.

I want to remember her laugh at this stage. It’s still half cough, half giggle.

I want to remember her funny coos and chatter.

I want to remember the vigor with which she likes to chomp on things.

I want to remember how, over the course of the past week and a half, she went from sitting completely unassisted to sitting with little to no assistance. Just a boppy behind her so she doesn’t whack her head if she goes backwards quickly.

I want to remember that yesterday we realized she doesn’t have to be on the “infant” reclined side of her baby bathtub anymore.

I want to remember that this morning was the first morning her (borrowed – thank you Lindsey) capris fit the way they were supposed to.

I want to remember how she is fascinated with whatever graphics happen to be on my shirt. She’d like to pull them off and eat them.

I want to remember how she watches my hair. And how she pulls it.

I want to remember how much she is loving getting to eat solid food. She can hardly contain herself as I get everything ready, and she starts complaining because I don’t move fast enough once she’s in the high-chair.

I also want to remember how we feed her naked save her diaper. It’s such a mess – her covered in green or orange or white or water. But she loves it.

I want to remember that, even though I’m still tired and my brain is still mush, I felt so fortunate, so lucky, so complete today.

I want all these moments to last forever, but I’m so looking forward to the moments that are on their way.

I can’t wait, but for once in my life, I’d like to freeze time, too.

~ by Larisa on June 13, 2008.

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  1. She is so precious, and these moments are oh so priceless. She seems to be doing wonderful, developing so well.

  2. I was catching up after being at CCRM–hooray for you doing cloth diapers. I must say I am really impressed. And I’m SO GLAD she was in the 5th percentile and you could breathe a little easier.

    I want your camera, too! Your pics are amazing, as is this post, with all your sweet and precious memories.

  3. What a lovely post. BabyHope is such a beautiful young lady with the eyes of an old soul blessed to have a mother as content and insightful as you!

  4. My babies are 10 days old and I’m already having these same thoughts. I so badly want to be able to return to this time whenever I want to experience it all over again. I just cry when I think about them growing up even though I know each stage is going to be great…
    Your little girl is just so perfect.

  5. That’s a beautiful post.

  6. What a beautiful picture and such sweet memories!!

  7. This is such a sweet post. What a great idea to write down all these little moments so you’ll never forget them.

  8. Here from NCLM. She is a beautiful baby. All the best.

  9. Zoey and BabyHope are so close in age… these posts make me excited for what must be around the corner.

  10. You can’t freeze time, but writing like this should be a baby book in and of itself, and the reminders will be there if you can continue on like this. Great post and such a cutie pie!

    Via NCLM.

  11. What a beautiful post.

  12. What a sweet and beautiful post. Writing it will help with the remembering. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter – looks like you went through a lot to get her.

    via NCLM

  13. What a nice post! From experience I would order the third lovey! And then she will get attached to something you only have one of and that is not made any more! lol nclm

  14. You write so beautifully! I love reading your blog! Good for you to make it so long with breastfeeding when it was such a battle!

  15. That is totally beautiful! She will treasure this for a life time.

    My name is Amy-happy momma and I “found” you through

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