BabyHope is mobile. She’s been crawling like mad for nearly two weeks. She gets faster each day.

And more dangerous. She’s also pulling up to standing on anything that looks remotely stationary. You know, like cats. Or things with wheels. When she is successful, she looks around to see who is watching with the biggest grin you can imagine.

It’s amazing to watch. It’s also a little tiring. I’ve gone from being able to sit her somewhere while I fold laundry or start dinner to not being able to turn my back for a moment.

And it’s not anything “babyproofing” would fix. She’s just dangerous – trying to lick the refrigerator while she pulls up on it means she’s going to whack her head.

So the laundry sits. And we’ve been eating cereal for dinner.

Because what matters is watching this, experiencing this. Because this could be our only chance.

~ by Larisa on September 4, 2008.

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  1. That’s very exciting! Whether or not you have more children, I’m glad you are having the forethought to step back a little and enjoy these great times!

  2. Awwww, BabyHope is growing up! And cereal for dinner rocks, though I haven’t done it in ages.
    I really hope this isn’t your only chance, but you’re right to savor the moments.

  3. It is precious, to see them develop so quickly.

  4. I love your blog. I love how you stop to take it all in and it reminds me to do the same. You are a wonderful mother and I hope this isn’t your last chance.

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