sick, sick baby

Vomiting and diarrhea. That’s what BabyHope has had since Saturday.

She puked Saturday night – the entire contents of her belly. Then, it seemed that stopped, only to be followed by diarrhea that made her diapers weigh nearly as much as her. She’d had such a great weight gain month – she’d gained 1 lb, 4 oz since her 9 month check-up 4 weeks ago. By Sunday night, she’d lost 10 ounces. By this morning, it was up to a full pound.

Now I know this is probably a viral infection that has to run its course. But this is my 5-10th percentile baby now down to under the 5th.

I called the pediatrician’s office yesterday – they told me all the things I already knew. Push fluids, bland diet, blah, blah, blah. Call Wednesday afternoon if nothing has changed. BabyHope will not drink pedialyte – she just spits it out.

Last night was awful – and, as I mentioned before, she’s down an entire pound. So I called again and got an appointment. BabyHope didn’t even want to play this morning – only lie face down on me.

Doctor said she’s not dehydrated and to switch temporarily (for about a week) to soy formula (of which she gave me 3 sample size cans). Apparently after a viral infection, the lactose in normal formula can cause continued problems.

We get home, and the vomiting that seemed to have stopped? Ha. She promptly vomited twice.

I did manage to get a small amount of bland food in her. I offered the soy formula. She gagged and then refused the bottle completely.

I’m supposed to give this until Friday. Great.

~ by Larisa on November 4, 2008.

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  1. Hey Larissa,
    So sorry BabyHope is sick. Christian would not drink pedialyte either. However, the ice pops are a wonderful thing. That he loved. I don’t know if you tried this or not, but it was a totally different story with the pops. Hope it helps!! (Oh, he also did ok with plain old water)

  2. Oh no! Poor BabyHope – I hope she’s feel better sooner rather then later 😦

  3. I hope your little one is feeling better soon!

  4. Poor baby girl. I understand the fear of having your already little one get sick for fear of loosing those precious onces. They can’t afford it! is is rotavirus? That is the worst. I hope she is feeling better soon. Big hugs to all of you!

  5. was never a sure thing, but mine seemed to prefer the Gerber brand of electrolyte juice drinks over Pedialyte. Gatorade is probably worth a shot as well.

  6. hope she feels better soon!

  7. I agree with kc mom, the pedialyte ice pops are better tolerated. That was Ava from 9-13 months due to a series of infections. She dropped off the charts. You could never tell now, but I haven’t forgotten. Hang in there. Hope she feels better soon.

  8. THis sounds weird coming from a nurse, but get your child an IV now. Play the distraught mother to the hilt. losing 1 pound? That’s way too much to me. the flu is just a virus and that can kill a baby as well. DO something. I’m praying, because it’s all I can do.

  9. Poor, poor BabyHope (and poor, poor you too). That’s a bit frustrating that the doctor’s office didn’t have a better or more active solution for her sickness. I hope that she is feeling much better already and by Friday, this is a distant memory. If you need anything, let me know!

  10. I would be out of my skull. Poor baby. Poor Mommy.

  11. Good luck. I wish I had words of wisdom to share, but I do not! Hang in there! I hope sweet BabyHope gets well soon!

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