BabyHope had her turning point yesterday afternoon. She was still doing poorly in the morning, but then she actually ate at lunch and kept it down.

I finessed a 3 hour nap out of her and she woke up and actually smiled briefly. She ate again and slept most of the night (in stark contrast to Tuesday night where she was awake every 45 minutes).

Today she was nearly herself. Her appetite isn’t 100% back, and we’re continuing the dairy-free diet and mostly bland foods. But she’s smiling, laughing, and playing.

And she learned to clap today. She’s been trying for some time, but finally got her hands facing the right way and in sync.


~ by Larisa on November 7, 2008.

No Responses Yet to “better”

  1. Yay! Now go to sleep! You must be exhausted.

  2. She was probably clapping to celebrate her feeling better!
    I’m glad she’s better.

  3. So glad she is feeling better—which inturn makes you feel better (I’m sure)!!!

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