I woke up yesterday morning to, I swear, someone else’s baby. Where did our tiny baby go? It happened slowly yet in the blink of an eye.

She crawls, laughs, claps, and understands many words. She starting to make sounds that correspond to words. And she’s taken a step on her own a couple of times.




~ by Larisa on November 14, 2008.

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  1. Walmart is the only place I’ve found the oreos. I’ve only found them on the end caps near the holiday baking area, not in the cookie aisle. Hope that helps!

    She sure has grown up! 😉 Adorable.

  2. Oh goodness, Mrs. Hope, she is adorable. And big!!

    Time is just ridiculous, isn’t it?

  3. She is such an adorable little girl. I am sure she is such a pleasure to be around.
    Every stage has its benefits, but they ALL go way too fast!!!

  4. Mrs. Hope she is beautiful and looks so happy!

  5. Wow is right!
    Gorgeous photos!

  6. She is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. So feminine and pretty.

    I can see from her expression what a delight she is. You are such a lucky mommy!

  7. Wow. I remember seeing her as an embryo (http://waitingwomb.blogspot.com/2007/05/please-stay.html). An embryo! And now…she is quite the little lady. Children are truly miracles.

  8. I KNOW. I’m not kidding, I just wrote to my mother this morning that it makes me nostalgic that my daughter’s face looks less like an infant and more like a little girl.

    Don’t you want to trap moments in a box and be able to relive them over and over again?? I hate that time is marching forward so, so quickly… and yet I am so looking forward to what comes next.

  9. what a cutie-pie!!

  10. Ummmm wow is right.

    Sweetie pie too!!!

  11. so cute!

  12. She is looking great these days. What a big girl she’s becoming. Cooper has taken a few steps over the last week too. Can you believe our babies are approaching a year!?!

  13. What a beauty.

  14. I’m reminiscing through last year’s Creme and wow, the little one you were talking to in your post has gotten to be such a big, sweet girl!!! Blessings…

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