keeping the green-eyed monster at bay

It’s happening. Second babies. Or even thirds.

There’s the woman in my playgroup. My best friend, my friend down the street, another friend out of town.

The first few announcements blew past me and I truly didn’t think much of them. But now, as we think about our future, there’s that tiny pang. The I hope that’s me soon pang. It’s not the same as the heart-wrenching, tear-demanding ache I once felt. Thank my lucky stars for that.

But, even though I’d like think I’m all emotionally healed, I’m probably not. We want another. If we don’t have another baby, we’ll be okay. But it doesn’t take the want away right now.

~ by Larisa on December 1, 2008.

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  1. You too, huh?

    I hope it’s an easier process this time ’round.

  2. I don’t consciously feel that tiny pang until I sort through her outgrown clothes… and then I silently wish for another, though I’m not willing to do the ART work.

  3. I really hope your wish comes true. Again.

    Less reason to think it can’t this time around, but still, I know, the worry doesn’t go away.

  4. Does that monster really ever go away? I hope that the want you feel now will be filled completely.

  5. I’m not the best one to give any advice on jealousy…just hoping that you get whatever your heart desires–you deserve it!
    PS And you guys do make such beautiful offspring!

  6. I hope you get everything your heart desires, and if that means another baby soon, I hope you get it.

  7. I hear ya, sister!!!!

  8. Jealous, check!

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