a new year

2006 was terrible. 2007 was good.

2008 was great. I am so aware it wasn’t great for everyone, but it was great for us. BabyHope arrived and thrived. We celebrated her being.

So, I’m a little apprehensive about saying goodbye to 2008. So many wonderful things happened for us that I’d like to hold on a little longer. BabyHope turns one in a matter of days, which, while wonderful, is slightly bittersweet. I’m truly amazed by her, but I am so acutely aware that she could easily be our only baby.

My hysteroscopy is scheduled for the 12th. Per my doctor, they suspect the filling defect is some sort of adhesion. Probably scar tissue or some bits of placenta left over (from a year ago no less) from BabyHope’s birth. I’m more anxious about it than I should be. After that, we plan for the first FET.

I’m not into resolutions. They just fail.

What I hope for in 2009: peace. Peace with whatever becomes of those frozen embryos. Peace if we have another successful pregnancy, and peace if we don’t.

~ by Larisa on January 2, 2009.

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  1. Yes, 2008 was an amazing year for us… I hope 2009 brings you even more dreams come true.

  2. I hope that 2009 brings you that peace. I wrote a similar new years post yesterday. I hope that everything goes great with your hysteroscopy and that it leads to success with your transfer to follow. If not, I hope that you have that ever important peace. And having a one year old is so much fun, but I do find my self thinking about babies more and more.

  3. I hope 2009 brings you peace, too. Hoping it’s an easy peace.

  4. I hope 2009 brings you the same joy 2008 did!

  5. I hope 2009 brings you the same joy 2008 did!

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