happy birthday, baby

Oh, how do I write about and to the girl that changed it all?

A year ago, I couldn’t wait to meet you. They put you on my chest, and I could hardly believe you were real. Now, there’s no doubt.

You melt my heart in the morning when I walk in your room. Your grin is huge and you usually grab for more pacifiers and blankets as you try to stand up for me to hold you. You squeal with delight when you see the cat. You pat the dog more vigorously than we’d really like. You have 7 teeth (3 recent acquisitions over the Christmas holidays). You want to eat whatever it is I am eating, but when I put it on your tray, you usually toss it over. Broccoli, green beans, peas, refried beans, and cheerios are your favorite foods. You love your water out of a sippy or a straw cup, but heaven forbid I try milk or formula. You hate yogurt.

You sign and say some words. You say mama, but sometimes you say it to dad still. Your most adorable sign and word must be baby. You say apple, banana, drink, more, dog, kitty, diaper, no, bottle, paci, bath, You’ll imitate many other sounds, and I’m convinced you think you are saying other words (like flower and shoes) but they don’t come out close enough for me to be sure. You understand so much now.

You love anything that makes music. You really love books and being read to. Your favorites are generally full of rhymes and rhythm, and you’ll ask us to read them 2, 3, 4, 10 times in one sitting. You like going on walks outside in the stroller.

You are persistent. You will sit and attempt to put together your new duplos for what seems like an eternity. You love to stack and nest your blocks and cups. You love to take stuff out and put it back in. You smile and will try to hold your new doll. And bite her head. You’ll give hugs on request, and sometimes open mouthed kisses.

You are busy, busy, busy. You move things around from place to place, you rifle through the cabinets, and you “sort” the laundry. I’m always finding something in the wrong place. Your play area becomes a disaster in under 10 minutes. You want to get down and walk everywhere we go now, and you have little squawking fits if I don’t let you. You want to climb everything, and you love swings and slides.

You act shy at first in public – you’ll put your head on my shoulder when someone you don’t know says hello. But then, after you notice no one is paying attention to you, you’ll start waving and flirting. Usually people oblige you.

Everyone comments on your eyes. They always say how pretty they are, how big they are. They are a shade of blue-grey. I’m still not convinced they’ll stay that color. Your hair is sometimes so curly, sometimes so frizzy, and sometimes straight. It’s getting longer, and you have a baby mullet type thing going on right now. You usually take out the bows I put in your hair, but then you try unsuccessfully to put them back in.

You are still a mama’s girl, but you’re much more attached to Daddy than you used to be. He plays games with you that mama can’t quite manage, like holding you up to the ceiling. You love to be “chased” and love being tossed around in the air.

Happy birthday, not quite so little one. I hope your day is great and the coming year is wonderful. You fill our hearts, you light our days. Thank you for being ours.

~ by Larisa on January 7, 2009.

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  1. Happy Birthday, BabyHope!! 🙂 Bo and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELODIE!!! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic birthday!
    It was so great of your mommy to write down all of those things about what you liked to do this year – you are going to love reading that when you get older!!

  3. Happy Birthday, BabyHope! You are a sweet, sweet girl.

  4. Awwww, that is such a sweet post! Happy Birthday BabyHope!

  5. I cannot believe it has been a year already! Happy Birthday little one! ope you reflect back on what a wonderful year you have shared with all of us….

  6. That is wonderful. One for her baby book for sure. Happy birthday BabyHope!

  7. I hope you are getting to spend every minute of this special day with your girl, celebrating such a major milestone in both of your lives. 🙂

    Happy 1st Birthday BabyHope!

  8. That post is beautiful.

  9. Happy Birthday, BabyHope!

  10. Happy Birthday and congratulations. Lovely post.

  11. Happy birthday BabyHope! may you have many more blessing come to you in your life little one.

  12. Happy Birthday BabyHope! You are so loved.

  13. Happy Birthday little miracle.

  14. Happy day BabyHope! I hope you feel all the love that is coming your way today!

  15. Happy Birthday BabyHope! 🙂 xxx

  16. Mrs. Hope, I just love reading your writing. Not only how you write, but what you choose to say. This is a beautiful snapshot of BabyHope’s first year, which I would have never thought could be done so well with words. The combination of your writing and Mr. Hope’s creative videos make your blog really fun to read, not to mention how great it will all be for BabyHope, later. She’s a lucky girl!

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