first year video


~ by Larisa on January 14, 2009.

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  1. Just wonderful. Just like BabyHope.

  2. oh, that was awesome to see the change from newborn to one year. they change so quickly. babyhope is just precious, sweet and petite just like a little girl should be. i have been reading your blog for awhile (i have an 11 month old) and really enjoy it. thanks!

  3. WONDERFUL job on the video!!! Loved it!!!

  4. Super cute! Did you make her birthday cake??

  5. I love to see how far we can come in a year, but that was incredible. She is so beautiful, and she’s getting more so every day.

  6. WOW, didn’t you look good for havin just given birth! fantastic souvenir for you and BabyHope, good job there, must have taken you ages 🙂


  7. That was beautiful! I’m all teary.

    Happy birthday, sweet little girl!

  8. Amazing.

  9. It’s wonderful to see a baby that is so obviously very loved. Beautiful.

  10. Isn’t the toddler walk just the cutest?

    I can’t believe it’s been a year.


  11. I love this… I had to watch it twice. She’s not a little baby anymore 😦

    Your whole family is beautiful.

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