no go

Lining looked – well – crappy. It was 7.4, so not horribly thin, but it just didn’t look great, either. So 5 more days of estradiol, with a change in administration for 2 of the doses per day. I was taking them all orally. Can you guess the change?

Not sure what the difference is between my first FET where I grew a lush 11.1 mm lining on the same exact protocol. A long time ago, I heard my doctor describe “me” to a resident: gorgeous uterus, terrible cervix. Now I’ve got an easy cervix and a fucked up uterus?

I’m more irritated than anything else. I’m trying my best to not bring BabyHope along for a variety of reasons. But now I’ve got another lining check on Wednesday and the transfer has been rescheduled for the 17th.

I guess it just leaves a pessimistic taste in my mouth for the day. Nothing ever goes how I plan, and while that’s more okay now than it’s ever been, I still don’t have to like it.

~ by Larisa on February 7, 2009.

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  1. You definitely do not have to like it. I’m annoyed for you. I’m thinking fluffy thoughts for you in the upcoming week!

  2. God, how frustrating… I’m sure it is different this time, but it’s still a ton of work and energy — and if things don’t work out smoothly it’s a bummer. Hopefully the estradiol in the la-la will make a difference.

  3. How annoying. Hope the change in admin route works.

  4. Sorry for the change in the way the meds are administered…ugh. But I’m hoping it does the trick!

  5. Very frustrating, HUGS my dear! Each cycle can be different from the last with no explanation, hoping for better for the next one.


  6. I am so sorry. I am sending you many thickening vibes and really hope this was a small blip that is now over for you….

  7. I’m sorry. I know how it goes – my lining never really thickened enough to a level where we were all comfortable either for my FETs – so I’m familiar with the waiting AND pill insertion. *sigh*

    Here’s hoping this does the trick and Wednesday’s scan shows a good triple striped lining.


  8. Man, I am sorry that it wasn’t as expected. That really stinks. I hope that the new meds make all the difference and you will have a nice, plush lining soon. Sorry for the delay.

  9. I hope the news will be better at the next appointment!

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