the octo scandal

I don’t typically write about these things. But. But. But.

This one really bugs me. It bugs me because she and her doctor are clearly not the norm. It bugs me because it took me all of two minutes after today’s interview to find the success rates for her doctor.

Folks, he sucks. If I lived in Beverly Hills, he would not have been my doctor.

For the years 2001 to 2006, his success rates for women under 35 are less than 20% (the national average is 40% or so in that time range for that age group). And he didn’t report in 2005. Hmmm. And I’d read about him before. Does anyone remember a couple of years ago a doctor saying he could “implant” the embryos versus transfer them? I looked up his absymal statistics then and knew he was a quack.

And Nadya said she’d done her research.

It makes me angry that this is the face of IVF right now. In our decision-making, we (including our doctor) have been nothing but responsible. Even after 3 failed fresh cycles and a failed FET, we still only transferred 2 day 3 embryos.

And she and her doctor have been irresponsible. They endangered her life and the lives of each of those babies when they transferred 6 in EACH cycle. I don’t care how she paid or didn’t, and I don’t care that she’s a single mom. Even if she was rich and married, what she and her doctor did was WRONG.

She is not the face of IVF. She is not typical.

~ by Larisa on February 9, 2009.

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  1. Oh you are so right. I am glad you put this into words. Great job. The interview this morning PISSED me off. One of the drs saying they do psychological screening for adoption, so maybe they should do it for infertility treatment. I about flipped. If I have to have a freakin home study to have my OWN children, that is just ridiculous. It is another way that women dealing with IF are made to feel inadequate. Just because you can’t get pregnant on your own doesn’t mean your a nut who shouldn’t have kids. The whole thing gives IVF, donation(sperm,egg) a bad name. And I hate it. Perhaps, I should stop writing on your blog and go write a post of my own;)

  2. This bugs me on so many leveld. It bugs me so much that after watching her interview.. I emailed Ann Curry a big rant and statistic filled email in hopes that THEY (NBC) do their research and realize that what she is saying is BS. I am BESIDE myself with her and this doc and clinic.

    The success rate she blurted out, less than 20% with that many embryos was a big pile of CRAP. She is fairly young and clearly able to carry a pregnancy to term. The fact that she possibly transferred 6 each
    pregnancy is insane.

    Anyway, this whole things sends my BP over the top.

  3. Oh and the way she talks about her obsession with having children makes us all seem like obsessed nut jobs … which is FAR fromt he truth

  4. I’ve been avoiding reading too much about her story. I’m baffled at what she and her doctor did.

    It does give IVF a bad reputation. Even though countless doctors and patients go about it in a very careful and responsible fashion, this one story will stick in many peoples minds.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my site. You are smart enough to see through the marketing tricks. A few years before this “endoscopic implantation” wonder technique that you mentioned, this same doctor touted a special glue substance that made embryos stick.

  6. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I was looking at those stats too – is Nadya the only patient that ever got pregnant at this clinic? Seems that way. I truly feel sad for the women undergoing treatment with him – how dissapointed they must be. Although it’s somewhat reassuring that he has so few patients. I presume that number will go to zero now.

  7. Before I read your post I thought for sure that this was an IUI pregnancy. I can’t believe that there is a doctor who would transfer 6 embryos at one time.

    Do you know who the doctor is? I know a few infertility specialists in Beverly Hills and hope that this doctor wasn’t one of the ones I know.


  8. I agree that what she did was completely irresponsible and unwise. But I think what bugs me even more is the fact that the general public seems much more outraged in this case, involving tons of kids with IVF, than in non-IVF cases, such as the Duggars having 18 kids or people that “naturally” have sextuplets, etc. It’s as though she is somehow more “bad” because she had all the kids through IVF. That really upsets me, and I definitely do not defend this woman. It just seems that people are more “ok” with things happening “naturally”.

  9. You said that very nicely compared to what I have been thinking!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  10. right on! Nicely said, that is so irritating that from now on when someone mentions IVF…..they’ll think of that story.

  11. I agree. I live in CA and have been hearing about this crap since the day they were born. It makes me angry. She is an unfit mother. She wanted a lot of kids to make up for the love she didn’t receive as a child. Its not the right reason to have kids. And the home she’s bringing them into…sheesh.

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