it went up

From 268 a week ago to 3360 today. I’ll take it.

It’s still low per my clinic for 5w6d, but it’s a good rise (doubling time of 45 hours) since the last draw. Again, I’ll take it.

Sono tomorrow.

Edited to add: Because I am a total nerd, I have my hCG levels from BabyHope’s pregnancy. We had a rocky bit with them, though not in the first week. There was a vanishing twin around 5.5 weeks. Anyway, at 5w4d, my hCG was 2641, and at 5w6d, it was 4639. So not really all *that* far off. We saw a very faint heartbeat at 6w3d in that pregnancy, so I expect that 6w0d will be too early.

~ by Larisa on March 11, 2009.

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  1. WooHoo, this is good news! Stay Baby, stay Baby!

  2. Hi Mrs. Hope. Wow! this has been quite a roller coaster. I am hoping for good things at tomorrow’s ultrasound.

  3. DO frozen embryos have lower HCG sometimes? i thought I read that somewhere. Anyway, thinking of you for tomorrow!

  4. I will be thinking about you tomorrow and am over here being hopeful for this baby to keep chugging along.

  5. Exhaling a bit here – keep that good news coming. Thinking of you and hoping for more of that good news tomorrow…

  6. Yay! Go baby go! Will be thinking of all of you tomorrow.

  7. This seems like really great news to me! Hoping for the best tomorrow!

  8. Grow baby, grow!!!
    Positive thoughts, hugs and prayers going your way!!!

  9. great news – still sending positive thoughts your way!!

  10. Heck yeah, I’d take it. I had remembered that your #s with BabyHope weren’t great to begin with, and thought about mentioning it (not like you didn’t remember it;)) but I didn’t. But that seems like really good news. It seems like it wouldn’t keep rising like it has if it wasn’t going to stick, so hopefully it will. I hope you are shocked and get to see a little flicker tomorrow.
    p.s. you know I have my hcgs from Cooper too. They’re in his baby book, so your not a nerd. Or maybe I’m just a major nerd!

  11. Awesome news. Fingers still crossed…


  12. Hoping tomorrow goes well. Thinking of you all.

  13. Hmmm… persistence. Wonder where this embryo got that?

    Go little, embryo, go!

  14. Hoping that baby “sticks”….

  15. Great news, IMHO. I have everything crossed for you.

  16. Bloody hell, talk about unnerving and that’s just for me!!! Keep up updated asap, k and good luck!


  17. that awesome news! I am praying that he/she stays put and keeps growing stronger each day.

  18. Cautiously hoping for you!

  19. Eagerly anticipating an great update tomorrow!

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