The sac is empty. It had moved some and wasn’t so high up in the cornua. Does that mean it’s moving to miscarry?

I can decide if I want a d&c or not. I get up to three weeks to miscarry on my own, then it’s a d&c for sure. I don’t think I have 3 weeks of waiting left in me, but I don’t think I’ll schedule one for Monday or anything, either. I’m not sure yet. I’m tired of feeling crappy off and on. I’m thinking about splitting the difference – have a d&c scheduled for 7-10 days from now (get this over with in this shitty month of March). If I miscarry before then, I cancel. If not, then I’m not waiting in vain.

It does feel a little unfair still. Yes, even though we have BabyHope.

~ by Larisa on March 20, 2009.

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  1. I’m sorry mrs. hope! I can’t imagine that it would ever be easy for you or anyone going through this. Praying you heal quickly and that you’re blessed with another little one very soon. ((HUGS))

  2. So sorry to hear that.

    If you ever need some distraction, maybe we can get the girls together at Zilker – take a train ride, eat some sticky snow cones, and catch up.

  3. I am de-lurking to say I'm so sorry. It is absolutely unfair and not the ways things are supposed to be. My thoughts are with you are you make the tough decision of waiting or d&c.

  4. of COURSE it’s unfair, regardless of having BabyHope. Nobody should have to go through that.

    I’m so so sorry that there wasn’t a different outcome.


  5. It is SO unfair. It would be unfair if you had no kids or you had 10 kids! It sucks regardless. It is never fair to have something you want so desperately taken away from you. Even if it is just the idea of something, it is UNFAIR. I’m glad it has moved and you don’t have to do methotrexate. Your waiting is not in vain if it is what you want to do. What ever gets you to that much needed “peace” about things. I think it is a good idea to split the time. You’ll know when you can’t wait any more. I am so so sorry. I wanted to this to work so much. I hope you have lots of help with BabyHope and can take a little time for yourself. Hugs!

  6. It’s definitely more than a little unfair no matter what 😦 I’m so sorry 😦 Sending you a hug…and my hopes that you will be able to add to your family soon.

  7. unfair is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m so sorry and hope that the next FET works out.

    and don’t ever feel bad for really wanting another, it doesn’t mean you love her any less! I am trying for number 2 and even though I have my perfect little boy that I fought so hard to have, it is still really hard to deal with IF again for number 2.

  8. I am so sorry. A loss is always a loss and when it is a baby, it is just that much harder. It should never have to happen to anyone. Ever. Sending comfort your way and hope you heal soon.

  9. I’m sorry.

  10. I am so sorry. 😦 Of course it still hurts even though you have BabyHope. It would be crazy if it didn’t.

    I am sure you are scared. I hope everything goes smoothly — whether you choose to try to miscarry or have the D and C. I had a D and C with my first pregnancy and it wasn’t that bad. I liked that it was quick and I was asleep.

  11. Of course it seems unfair! You are not being ungrateful at all. Each and every blast is one of your children and each one you miscarry is very sad.

    I’m very sorry this baby didn’t make it. I’m sure you’ll choose the best course for you in the coming days.

    I hope you’ll try again when the time is right. Do you have more frozen embryos?

  12. Oh, Mrs. Hope. I’m so very sorry. The unfairness is truly astounding. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  13. Oh goodness, I am so sorry.

  14. Well fuck. This sucks. Pardon my French. You don’t have to feel like because you have BabyHope you can’t feel like this is horrible and awful and unfair. IT IS. And I’m just so so sorry.
    It’s trite–I know–but if you need any distractions…well,you know where I am.

  15. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. It is unfair and it sucks.

  16. Aw, Mrs. Hope. I’m so sorry.


  17. i’m so, so sorry Mrs. Hope. It is unfair, pure and simple.

  18. I’m so sorry.

  19. Frack. That just plain sucks. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  20. I am so incredibly sorry, Mrs. Hope. What terrible news.

  21. I like what Davs said, and a few others. It is unfair. UNFAIR. So sorry 😦

  22. sorry to hear this, mrs. hope. Although you were close to knowing it was goign to go this way, it's always hard to get the final verdict. You've stopped progesterone, right? From the sound of it you probably will miscarry in the next 10 days I'd guess, although personally I always wanted to have a procedure and get it over with.

    PS WHy do US docs still do D&C for miscarriage rather than D&E which is easier on your uterus?

  23. I’m so sorry.
    Thinking of you.

  24. I am sorry for your loss.

  25. Such a drawn out disappointment. Of course you can feel sad and angry and all those other emotions.
    Sorry it had to be like this.

  26. I’m sorry you are going through this. It is totally unfair.

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