My hCG from today, 13 days post d&c was 37. That’s down quite a bit from over 14,000 two weeks ago.

I feel good this week. Finally feeling “normal”. I got the low-down on what happens next. We’ll follow my hCG down to less than 5, then I’ll start bcps and do an HSG. If all is clear, we plan for the next FET. If all is well, I’m guessing that transfer will be in June.

Both of the remaining blasts are from BabyHope’s cycle. One is better quality than the blast from last time, and the other is about the same.

I feel pretty peaceful about this now. A boring update. Let’s hope they stay that way for awhile.

~ by Larisa on April 9, 2009.

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  1. Glad that you are feeling better. I hope you have a happy Easter- I’m sure BabyHope will have a lot of fun as she is older now.

  2. My beta was 23 at 3 weeks post so looks like you are headed in the right direction, well I guess the right direction right now.

    Boring updates are sometimes the best kind. I really hope you continue to hang in there.

  3. Boring is good.
    I’m glad things are looking better, and that you have a plan. And two more embies!! That’s awesome.

  4. Well here’s to a good drop next draw too!!! I am glad it was better than expected.

  5. Great update, not boring at all. I’m glad to read that you are feeling better.

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