where is my fertility karma, anyway?

I had my final blood draw for this pregnancy on Tuesday. My hCG was down to 3. Hooray! So I got my HSG scheduled.

I wasn’t worried about it.

Apparently, I should have been. No dye spill on the left, and there’s what I’ll refer to as a “chunk” of tissue in the cornual area of my uterus – exactly where this pregnancy was.

Fan-fucking-tastic. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what this means as far as “fixing” it because I have to wait for my doctor to get the report and for the nurse to call me.

Another thing to check off the list: blocked tube!!

~ by Larisa on April 23, 2009.

No Responses Yet to “where is my fertility karma, anyway?”

  1. I’m sorry.

    Better to know that to not know, though.

    Hope things get better soon.

  2. Ugh. I’m sorry for the less than stellar HSG report. I hope the doc has some good advice as to next steps…and that it doesn’t involve 50+ steps. And I thought the vague term “fluffy” was bad…

  3. Crap.

    I hope that this will be something that can be fixed somewhat easily!


  4. Dude, that blows. I’m so sorry for this unexpected delay.

  5. Oh for the love!!!

  6. I hope you get some better news soon.

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