It’s actually tomorrow, but it got listed as today. Tomorrow marks four years of blogging.

I was so naive four years ago. I thought we’d figure out what was wrong, fix it, and be on our merry way. I had no idea it would take 2 years with my RE, 5 transfers, and a job at Kinko’s to get to BabyHope.

But we did.

~ by Larisa on May 5, 2009.

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  1. I, for one, am grateful for your blog. And for YOU, the person behind the blog.
    I wish you weren’t still having to blog about negatives and surgeries and complications and all that…but I’m glad you blog.

  2. Happy blogoversary! I only just discovered your blog but I am so inspired by the fact that you've kept it up for so long. BTW… your baby is so cute & I love the name you've chosen!

  3. Sometimes I think Mother Nature gifts us with that naivety. If we truly knew what lay before us, would we still embark on the journey? You have helped so many in four years by sharing your story!

  4. Thank you for sharing so much for so long. This is a journey with so many layers for you and I think of you often.

  5. Happy, happy, happy, happy blogoversary. You have done an awful lot in that four years, and have inspired many. Myself being one of them – thank you.

  6. I am sorry it took so much to get her, but so glad you did! I am also sorry for the way things have been for you as of late. It sucks and isn’t fair. How was your lap? You mentioned what they found in you uterus, but not outside of it. Hoping that is a good sign. Let me know. Thinking of you!

  7. Apologies–I had two dates on the calendar. Erasing the wrong one so it doesn’t happen next year 🙂


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