As my heart slows to a normal speed after all the drama, I thought I’d write about something else.

BabyHope is 17 months old already. She’s changing every single day, I swear. She’s putting two words together, running, and climbing like a little monkey, much to her danger. She still loves playing outside. We just got her a little pool for the backyard, and that’s a favorite activity for these hot afternoons.

She (I have video to prove it) can label all the capital letters. And some lowercase. She loves to have her diaper changed right now – she also sometimes claims she has a dirty diaper just to have her diaper changed again. She also thinks it’s hilarious to put diapers on her stuffed animals and dolls. She loves Elmo, though her only exposure to him prior to about two weeks ago was on a cup and on her disposable diapers we use at night. I mean LOVES Elmo. She sees that little red monster everywhere we go.

She’s learning the names of all her little friends. She’ll ask to see pictures of them on the computer and be excited to go see them, except when we get there, she’s usually overwhelmed.

She still loves her broccoli, peas, green beans, and oat cereal. Her other favorites include berries of any kind, apples, and now peaches and watermelon. Of course, she’s inherited my sweet tooth and can spot cake or ice cream from a mile away.

She loves kicking and throwing a ball (she says “catch”), and her favorite sport is running after the cat shrieking and giggling. We’re trying to discourage it, but it’s hard not to laugh. She loves her hair bows and shoes and wants to look at herself in the mirror each morning.

She’s also, unfortunately, at the tantrum throwing stage. She’ll lie down on the floor screaming as though she’s been injured simply because she can’t have something or it’s time to leave, or we’ve had to take some dangerous object away from her. It’s sometimes hard not to laugh at these, too. But sometimes they are exhausting.

She’s growing like a weed. It’s so nice to be able to say that after struggling with feeding her as a baby.

She hugs and kisses. She pats me on the shoulder as if she’s comforting me. She loves to walk through the house talking on at least one phone. Sometimes two.

She is amazing, fantastic, and incredible. It’s going by so fast.


~ by Larisa on June 10, 2009.

11 Responses to “BabyHope”

  1. Oh my gosh, she is so adorable, and so big. Cooper will be 18mo next week and I was telling dh how strange it is that he will be closer to 2 than 1. They grow up SOOO fast. He is certainly hitting those “terrible 2s” already. Yesterday he pitch one heck of a fit b/c I wouldn’t give him another cookie. He turned bright red and started shaking. MY oh my! He is going through the diaper changing thing too. All the sudden he just started laying down for diaper change. he will grab his diaper and say, “tee tee, poo poo” then lay down. So funny. glad that she is thriving so well after a rough start. Hope to see more pics of that cutie soon!

  2. She is beautiful!!!! Where did the time go? Seems like yesterday she was a wee little baby…

  3. BabyHope is adorable. She sounds like a fun and funny handful!

  4. She’s so cute!

    I’m sorry about all of the drama of late. I hate that you’ve had your safe space invaded but so glad that you’re continuing to blog. Best of luck with your lining check tomorrow!

  5. Very sweet! She is beautiful. Your post made me very nostalgic as it reminds me so much of mine when she was that age … especially the part about being excited to go see friends until we would actually see the friends. And the love affair with Elmo. And the facination with the alphabet and love of shoes. And the finally not worrying about food and weight gain. Fun times – enjoy them!

  6. She and Zoey have so much in common. I hope someday we can all meet. I’ve never been to your part of the world.

  7. Thanks for that update, and the pics! She is absolutely adorable. And the HAT. I love the hat. You’re right, their babyhood does go by so fast. Too fast.

  8. It does go by so fast. She is beautiful.

  9. Thank you for letting me in and continuing to blog. Love your blog and so happy I can continue to read about your journey!!!
    BabyHope is just too cute for words!!! Approaching the terrible twos??!!! We are in them here and they are terrible!!!

  10. I’m so glad you’re able to post pictures of BabyHope! I thought those might go by the wayside after the drama. Happy we’ll still be able to watch her grow. Too cute!

  11. I agree with Stephanie–I’m so glad you still posted pics of Baby Hope! She is getting sooooo big! What a fun age (despite the tantrums). 🙂
    –Jen H.

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