Nearly every day BabyHope does something (or many things) new.

Mr. Hope loves ketchup. He’s joked that french fries are just a delivery vehicle for ketchup. I, on the other hand, think that french fries are far, far tastier plain.

BabyHope has loved the idea of dipping for a long time. She dips chips into queso or salsa. She dips french fries into ketchup.

But she doesn’t eat them (okay, the queso has become a recent exception – but only sometimes) once they are contaminated.

Today, at dinner, we had some oven fries. Mr. Hope was, of course, consuming vast quantities of ketchup. BabyHope dipped many fries into ketchup and refused to eat them.

Then she decided that bread was the way to go. But this time she ate it. And went back for more. And more. And more. She made her “mmmmm” this tastes so good sound.

I laughed and shuddered at the same time. She still wouldn’t eat the french fries dipped in ketchup. But that whole wheat bread – YUM!

~ by Larisa on November 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “ketchup”

  1. Ha! I am totally with you that fries should be eaten plain. I’m just not one of those ketchup lovers.

    Looks like you will be heading to Costco soon for ketchup to keep up with the demand from your ketchup-loving husband and now toddler too!

  2. My daughter isn’t keen on fries either. She’ll dip them in mayonnaise and lick that off though. I haven’t tried with ketchup yet.
    She currently loves brocolli and likes spinach, to my amazement.

  3. Lol @ BabyHope!

    Funny, I hate ketchup, but I only eat it on my fries. BUT, the ketchup must have black pepper on top first. How’s that for odd? Heh.

    Mustard girl over here!

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