just a laugh

So BabyHope loves the drums. I mean LOVES the drums. Some friends of ours got the Beatles Rock Band, so every time we go over there, all she wants to do is “play drums”. She talks about it on the way over there.

Tonight, on the way home, this is what she sang for 15 minutes: “We all wive sunkarine. Yellow sunkarine, yellow sunkarine, yellow sunkarine, yellow sunkarine. We all wive yellow sunkarine.”

Those are the moments that fill my soul with joy and make me wish time would stand still or that there was a video camera in my back seat.

The screaming moments leaving Stride Rite or Barnes & Noble – those deserve a post of their own. But even then, I just kind of laugh, and (usually) they are short-lived.

But yellow sunkarines are once in a lifetime.

~ by Larisa on November 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “just a laugh”

  1. A big song for a little girl, how clever! Linnea is singing all the time as well. Sometimes she makes entire medleys with a jumble of sentences from different songs. And I too wish I could capture her on film singing. 🙂

  2. How adorable!

  3. Oh, how I’ve wished for a back seat camera a thousand times over. Thank goodness for yellow sunkarine moments. I laughed at the image of it!

  4. Oh yeah–get that BabyHope out to my house to play on some real drums!

  5. LOVE it. Priceless.

    Car.sten loves Yellow Submarine too, but he pronounces it Yeh-woh Summ-aween. 🙂 He has a Goofy submarine bath toy that started the obsession.

    Cherish these moments with BabyHope – she is really something!!

  6. Too cute!! T cried anytime we left a shoe department!

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