Most of this was written before the incident…

Oh love, oh sweet girl, two years have passed since I met you.  You were so tiny, but so strong and determined to be here with us.

You love to run, climb, and jump.  You adore the drums you got for Christmas, and you can now sing an entire rendition of “Yellow Submarine”, complete with toddler dance.  You love to draw.  You are trying to draw faces, complete with eyes, noses, eyebrows, and hair.  You seem to be leaning towards being left-handed, which, given that your dad and I are both lefties, seems to be appropriate.  You might still surprise us, though.  You love to talk about the potty, and, to my dismay, love watching me use the toilet.  However, you want nothing to do with it yourself.  I’m not ready to push you into potty training, so we’ll wait for now.  In the mornings, you want to eat cereal with milk.  You love brushing your teeth (really, you just love sucking the toothpaste off the brush when we’re done brushing them for you), and you love to spit out the toothpaste into the sink.  Getting dressed has been a little bit of a battle lately, but sometimes it helps if I let you pick your clothes.  We have to do something with your hair each day – it’s pretty frizzy and unruly and gets in your eyes if I don’t pull it back.  I like to do two ponytails, but you seem to prefer one.  You love to help me cook, clean, put away dishes, take out the trash, or any other household chore.  We’ve been talking about a big girl bed because we know you can climb out of your crib, you just aren’t doing it regularly (she’s done it once).

When we asked you what tomorrow was going to be, your reply was “Happy Birthday Cake”.  You’ve been singing “Happy Birthday” ever since your friend’s birthday party back in November.  This morning when you got up, we showed you your cache of gifts, and the first thing you said was, “Bows!”.  You knew immediately what to do, and you loved sitting at your new table throughout the day.

You’ve been talking all day about your hurt fingers.  I know they are hurting you because you aren’t using that hand much.  And you leave the dressing alone.  I think you are scared of it hurting more.

I hope today was a good day for you.  You got to eat chocolate cake, play with new (and old toys), eat your favorite food (macaroni and cheese with peas), and go to music class.  I can’t believe you are two.  I love you so much.

She really did have a pretty good day today.  You know, minus the part where she bit her lip.  It looks like she’s been in a fist fight – she’s got a nose scrape from a wipe out on Sunday, the wicked cut covered with gauze on her right hand, and now a swollen lip.  We tried to wrap the dressing for bath time (she really needed a bath), but that was unsuccessful, so we had to change the dressing.  That is one really ugly cut – it’s still bleeding a lot to me.  We have her two year visit tomorrow, and I’m dreading it now.  I know they’ll need to look at the cut, and it’s not going to be fun.  Plus she’ll get shots.  I’ll be promising Curious George band-aids, donuts, candy, cake, or *whatever* it takes.  She already hates going to the doctor; tomorrow will cement her hatred further.

~ by Larisa on January 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “two”

  1. Happy birthday to baby Hope! What a cutie!

  2. Glad she was still able to have a great day. She is adorable and seems to have such a lovable little toddler personality! Happy 2nd Birthday, BabyHope!

  3. Happy birthday baby Hope! Cute that she can sing happy birthday to herself. Linnea learned after her birthday.

    Good luck at the doctor’s office tomorrow! Linnea is usually fine until we put her on the examining table. Then she starts crying.

  4. Happy birthday baby Hope! Grace hates the doctor too, and she still (almost 4 years old now) hasn’t figured out how to spit toothpaste into the sink.

  5. Happy 2nd birthday, Baby Hope! I love watching you grow, right up from that teeny little 5 pounder into such a leggy, springy haired Beatles fan of a toddler. I love seeing you befriend my Emery. I love that you humor her assertiveness without letting her walk all over you (and you know she would). I love that you request to have things drawn for you and practically design pictures right down to the color of the flower with your vision. You are a bright girl, so remarkably intelligent for a two year old. I imagine you will put such a gift to good use someday. Mostly, though, I love to see the light you haave brought to your mother’s life. How she loves you so. May you always know such love! Happy birthday sweet girl!

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