my advice…

on how not to spend your 2 year old’s birthday eve: the local emergency room.

BabyHope loves to help me cook, and of course, baking a cake was on today’s agenda (really, more than one cake).  We had just popped it into the oven, and I was cleaning up – I started moving the chair that she usually stands on to it’s place at the table when I heard the garage door open.  Mr. Hope was home and had a box spring in his car, so I stopped what I was doing, announced to BabyHope that we should go help daddy, and walked to the door.  Somehow, in the seconds it took me to walk to the door, BabyHope climbed back up into the chair and toppled it onto her tiny right hand clutching the top of the chair.  I knew it was bad right away by the silent cry, followed by the sobbing.  Then the blood.  So much blood coming from her right index finger.  I knew it was bad, but she wouldn’t even let me near it.  I scooped her up, told Mr. Hope we were probably headed to the ER, and called the after hours line of my pediatrician’s office.

We had to force her into the car seat – it was horrible.  She screamed the whole way there, she screamed in the waiting room, which, somehow, on this night was packed (Mr. Hope has gone there twice and not had to wait more than 15 minutes).  I remembered I had an Elmo book meant as a birthday gift in the trunk of the car, which probably saved the night.

All told, she has two very swollen and bruised fingers (but purportedly not broken), and a nasty gash that hovered on the edge of needing stitches.  The doctor suggested it would be more torture to stitch it and wouldn’t make much difference in scarring.  We agreed.  It’s bundled tightly in some gauze and all I can explain as a gauze condom on the outside.  We spent 2.5 hours there, the cake is ruined (parbaked, I suppose), and I cried the entire way to the ER.  She was hungry and exhausted with a soaking wet diaper when we got home.  Mr. Hope, me, and the floor, and the counters were covered in blood.

Hoping tomorrow really truly is a better day.

~ by Larisa on January 7, 2010.

10 Responses to “my advice…”

  1. Ibuprofen, ice, crazy glue (for when she actually lets you see it and can glue it together). You shouldn’t need as much gauze tomorrow, so you can doctor it up prettily for her birthday. It happens. All the time. To the best of moms. Even when you are right there watching them like a hawk. It’ll take awhile before she forgets it, but she’ll forget it. And you can bake a cake tomorrow (or buy one but it won’t be as good as your homemade one, I am sure!). Hope she feels better soon and enjoys her birthday!

  2. What an awful experience for all of you. I truly hope today is much better and she has a joyous birthday.

  3. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry you guys had to go through that. I’m hoping so much that today is a better day. Happy Birthday BabyHope!

  4. Oh no, poor BabyHope- and mom & dad!!! Hope everyone is feeling better today and able to enjoy the birthday celebrations!!

  5. Poor BabyHope! I hope she is on the mend and can enjoy her day today!

  6. oh no! i’m so sorry to hear this! i hope today is 100x better. happy birthday, baby hope!

  7. An awful experience for all three of you. But I bet only you and your husband will remember the incident. Probably BabyHope won’t remember long. I hope so, at any rate.

    And yes, I fully agree it can happen to anyone, no matter how much you watch them.

    Happy birthday to BabyHope.

  8. Yikes! I will say that I had tachycardia reading b/c I was so afraid you were going to say something happened related to the OVEN. So in a way I’m relieved it was her finger and not broken and no stitches and all of that, but it still SUCKS that it happened at all. I’m so sorry.

  9. Happy birthday to the sweet girl! Hope things are better today. We had a fall and a few more close calls so we invested in the Learning Tower. It has been the BEST thing and keeps me sane in the kitchen!

  10. poor baby hope! I hope that she is feeling better today. I had to have a hemangioma removed from my finger a couple of years ago and it was amazing how swore it was, and I was an adult. And I had that same gauze condom you speak of, very annoying. I can’t imagine Coop leaving something like that on. Not a fun birthday present at all! Hoping today was terrific and that she got to be princess for a day!

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