some pictures

Well, I had to share one of her drumming.  She can also now sing all of Yellow Submarine, and also loves Eight Days a Week, and Here Comes the Sun.

Two are from her birthday – one (even though it’s blurry) so you can see the finger bandage, the nose, the lip, and the magical Elmo book.

The others are from her little party today – the cake I made – which she has been talking about for two days – and her in the bounce house we borrowed from someone.  She *loves* it.

~ by Larisa on January 9, 2010.

7 Responses to “some pictures”

  1. She looks no worse for the ware! That cake is awesome!

  2. Since Somewhat Ordinary wrote *exactly* what I was going to write, I’ll just add: adorable pics, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Ok, pic 3 I saw and said “A little Mrs. Hope!” seriously–something in that looks just like you. Nice job on the cake! And you are brave with those drums 🙂 We’re probably selling mine soon, so if she’s almost ready for a full on grownup set, well, come on over 🙂

  4. Look at that cake! Better not show that pic to Linnea.
    And drums!

    She having a good time, it shows.

  5. Sweet baby girl! I hope her fingers and other boo boos are healing.

    Happy belated birthday, too.

  6. I hadn’t heard of a toddler drum set until you had mentioned it a few posts back & now it is on our wishlist. I love how she loves to drum! The cake is awesome, the finger is not. Poor baby. She seems to be doing so well with it. And bouncy houses rock. We are so, so happy Santa brought one this year. They have been going stir crazy and the bouncy house helps get all that energy out! She is such a pretty girl.

  7. You made that cake? Great job! No wonder she can’t stop talking about it!

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