Edited to add: I am making this post “stick” at the top of the blog for now.  Look below for newer posts.

So if you’re a blogger, you know about statcounter.

If you’re a reader, maybe you don’t.

Someone hit my blog from a server today that shouldn’t have.

I am taking all posts since the beginning of June regarding anything medical down.  I will make them password protected, but it will take me some time, so if you want the password, please email  In addition, all future medical posts will be password protected.

I may be a little paranoid about who I give the password to, given this event.  Some day, when it doesn’t matter at all, I’ll make all of the posts public again.

Disappointment and surprise about sum it up.  I don’t know the motivation or exactly who was reading.  But I know. And it would be nice if you’d ‘fess up, but I’m guessing that won’t happen.

~ by Larisa on January 11, 2010.

16 Responses to “statcounter”

  1. Really??!?? Not again. I’m sorry that whoever it is won’t keep their nose out of things that shouldn’t be their business. You know I want to keep up, so shoot me the password when you get around to it.

    Here’s hoping for much anonymity in the future and for all of the nosy nellies to take a serious hike. They simply don’t deserve to read about the great things that are just around the bend for you.

  2. I sent an email too.Would love to be able to continue the journey!

  3. Oh GEEZ. AGAIN? I’m sorry to hear this. That you have to obsessively comb statcounter to see if someone who shouldn’t be reading is. Ugh.

    But I’d love to continue reading any and everything you post. May I have the password please?

    (I’ll email you, too.)


  4. I’ll shoot you an e-mail because I would love to be included!

  5. Ugh, so sorry you’re having to deal with all this still/again!! I’d like to keep reading and following your journey and will send off an email. Take care!

  6. again?!?!? i’m so sorry. will email.

  7. Gsoh, AGAIN???? Sorry you have to deal with this mess yet again…

  8. You aren’t even saying anything bad! Jeez! People are freaks 😦

  9. That stinks! I’ll send you an email too.

  10. so sorry to hear about that AGAIN!!!! Please keep me in the loop! Hope you are able to write freely again soon! On a separate note…..I became a “nut case patient” today when I called in to get a fetal heart beat check! All turned out well! The doctor was very nice and offered to have me come in every week if I wanted! Anxiety…’s a terrible thing!

  11. How sad and ridiculous that you are having to this! URG. I’ll be sending an email as well. Hope that this journey can continue without any more “disruptions”! That sort of stress cannot be good for you and this cycle. Man, I hate people sometimes!

  12. Jeez people…give it a rest and give the poor girl a break. Sorry you’re going through this again. What a pain!

  13. Attention snooper (as I know you will read these comments): Get a life. It’s a shame you don’t have the cojones to stand up and admit who you are; that would give a lot more credence to your interest here. But instead, you choose to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Sad. And stupid. Don’t you have anything better to do? I’m betting your boss would think so. Get over yourself and find somewhere else to troll.

  14. Yes, yes, said snooper, wouldn’t your boss be interested to know what you do when you should certainly be doing something else?

    I’d like to assume you are just someone genuinely hoping for Ms Hope right along with the rest of us, and that you happened to just stumble here, but past circumstance leaves me doubtful.

    Ms Hope, I am really wishing this is the very end of the time any of this will matter, and that you can put everything you need to write out there again. Soon.

  15. password not working….

  16. Ugh! I haven’t been online much in the past couple of weeks but I’m really, really sorry that you’re dealing with this again.

    I hope you and baby hope are doing well, despite this junk.

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