sneak peek

This is our sneak peek from some pictures we had taken on Sunday.  BabyHope was NOT in a good mood – wouldn’t smile and would only let Mr. Hope hold her (strange behavior indeed).  The very generous photographer has offered a brief session later this week to see if we can get some smiles and at least one picture of me with BabyHope.


~ by Larisa on January 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “sneak peek”

  1. such beautiful pics Mrs. Hope, you have a beautiful family. I’m really hoping for you that this cycle has a good outcome this time.

  2. Those photos are gorgeous!

  3. Just a peek and these turned out really wonderful. I LOVE the lighting. BabyHope is adorable as always and Mr. Hope looks good too, but your hair looks AMAZING!!! Having serious long-hair envy over here.

  4. ADORABLE! The first one if my favorite. You are a beautiful woman!!!

  5. Lovely photos! I like the one of BabyHope snuggled up against her daddy.

  6. gorgeous photos!

  7. What sweet photos! Thanks for sharing!

  8. LOVE the photos! She is SO cute! And really LOVE your haircut! New? You had it pulled up when I saw you last! Love the layers! Hope all is going well!

  9. Still, gorgeous pictures there.

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