BabyHope’s two year video

I cried when it was done.  She was so much a baby a year ago.  Not anymore, huh?

~ by Larisa on January 27, 2010.

7 Responses to “BabyHope’s two year video”

  1. Love it! How much they change in one year. She is quite the little lady now.

  2. Great video. They do change so much in a year. Just wait until she’s around 3- then it will REALLY hit you how grown up she is. I felt the same way as you do when Erik turned 2 but now when I look at him he looks like a kid with no little hint of baby left. It makes me so sad sometimes.

  3. Ah, Mr. Hope did it again with another lovely video. That very last bit of her jumping up and down, so free, so much of a little girl put a nice big lump in my throat. Also, loved the piece of her walking in your shoes. Classic. I never saw your struggle in that video. If I didn’t know better, it looked to be a perfect year. I suppose in ways, it was?

  4. So sweet! 3 to 4 is looking pretty tough over here. I can’t believe we’re 5 months away from 4. It’s frightening how fast time has flown, but yet it hasn’t. My favorite part of looking back on girls growing up is their hair lol

    Fingers crossed for the embies!

  5. How precious!

  6. I love it! amazing how time flies huh?

  7. Late to comment, but the video is great and totally reflects BabyHope’s fun-loving nature. Happy two years!

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