Transfer went perfectly.

I’m full of hope, literally.  Two lovely blasts were transferred.  I’ve been resting all day.

We’re in the middle of a room shake-up, so the scanner isn’t ready, yet.  I’ve been thinking about the right thing to write about these blasts, this transfer, and it hasn’t quite come yet.

I hope they stay.  That’s an understatement.

~ by Larisa on January 31, 2010.

21 Responses to “transfer”

  1. Good Luck Mrs. Hope. I am sure this will work. You take care….

  2. Oh how I hope they stay too! They just have to!

  3. thought of you today! so glad it went well! hoping and so hopeful along with you! I have a really good feeling about this cycle! you deserve this happy ending!

  4. Please stay! There is a little girl who would be a fantastic big sister waiting. Thought of you today & will continue keeping all of you in my thoughts.

  5. Praying. Hoping. Wishing.

  6. Find a comfy spot and hang on tight little embryos! Hoping that a year from today you will post again on your blog what a difference a year makes.

  7. I’m hoping and praying that they stay too.

  8. So glad to hear things went so well! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  9. Fingers crossed tightly. I think your approach to the SET vs what you ended up doing was very thoughtful; personally I think it was a good choice (and I am a huge proponent of SETs, btw).

    Anyway. Good wishes and thoughts are with you right now.


  10. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care of you and I hope the wait goes by quickly…

  11. Best of luck to you!

  12. XO. I haven’t any words.

  13. Hopefully, hopefully. I’m glad transfer went well.

  14. I don’t comment much. But I read. And I feel so hopeful for you. Best wishes.

  15. Thinking positive thoughts for you.

  16. Praying!

  17. Oh I am so hoping for you too! I have my retrieval tomorrow and we are shooting for blastocyst transfer too. Thinking of you and wishing all the best for both of us.

  18. Prayers and sticky vibes

  19. I wish you all the best. Eat lots of pineapple and take it easy!

  20. Good luck! I’ll be thinking about you. Yes, twins are hard, and many scary things can happen, but most of us do just fine. Definitely more important to be pregnant.

  21. Hopeful! Glad the transfer went well.

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