I’m doing a little happy dance here!

hCG = 139

P4 = 562

Awesome!! Probably repeat Thursday.

~ by Larisa on February 9, 2010.

22 Responses to “excited!”

  1. HOORAY!!! I am so, so thrilled for you. I just had a feeling that this time was your time. Fingers and toes crossed for numbers that continue to go up, up, UP!!

  2. Squeeeeee!!!! Coreographed J Lo dance routine to ensue…

  3. Grow baby, grow baby, grow baby! SO EXCITED for you! Doing a happy dance here too!

  4. Yippie!

  5. dancing with you! WHOOTWHOOT!

  6. congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Super terrific numbers!!

  8. fantastic!!!!

  9. yea! great number!

  10. So good to talk to you today! Again, so happy for you! So exciting! CONGRATULATIONS!

  11. Whoohooo!!! That IS exciting!!!

  12. Congratulations! Doing a very happy dance with you.

  13. What beautiful, beautiful numbers. Keeping everything crossed for doubling on Thursday. So excited for you!

  14. I agree…AWESOME!

  15. WOO HOO!!!!! Awesome, awesome news. Fingers still tightly crossed.


  16. That is a great number. Dancing with you.

  17. Here from LFCA – yay!! Congrats!!

  18. Excellent! Fingers still crossed firmly though for the rest of the ride.

  19. Congratulations!! Hoping for continued good news tomorrow!

  20. YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news!

  21. Woo-hoo, so happy for you…stopping by from LFCA! Enjoy that happy dance, it is well deserved:)

  22. Congrats!!!

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