trying very hard…

to see the sunny side.  I did go for more blood work today.  Mr. Hope wanted me to, it’s Friday, so it’s easier to get results than the weekend, and if things were going really, really badly, we’d know earlier rather than later.

My hCG, progesterone, and estrogen all rose.  The hCG didn’t rise as fast as it has been; it’s also higher and a slowing in the rate of rise is acceptable.

hCG: 7075 (77 hour doubling time)

P4: 790

E2: 6667

For me, at this point, I’m encouraged that everything rose.  The bleeding has slowed, but I haven’t done much today.  My doctor is having me re-check on Monday.  If I read too much into that, it makes me nervous, so I’m trying to stick with the thought that he knows I’ll check again at some point, and he doesn’t really want that to be tomorrow or Sunday.  I was actually going to try to wait until Tuesday.

I still feel like I’m walking on eggshells.  It’s very hard sitting on this side of it to be optimistic like I was 36 hours ago.  Yes, I had bleeding with BabyHope – I never passed a clot the size of my fist.  I want so, so much for this to work out, and along with that want so, so much to be able to actually enjoy this.

~ by Larisa on February 19, 2010.

12 Responses to “trying very hard…”

  1. Oh no! Just now catching up. I wish I could tell you not to worry, but I can’t. I will only hope and pray and send some good vibes to you all that this is just a scare and nothing more. It’s never easy, is it? Don’t you wonder who the hell ever wrote the textbook that made anyone think it would be? Wishing you the best and a big hug.

  2. I’m sorry. I hope you continue to get reassuring numbers and ultrasounds. This has got to be just so hard right now-

  3. I’m so sorry. I hate this, I pray it is nothing. Is there anyway that it could be from the other embryo, like maybe you are miscarrying one? I don’t have a clue, just racking my brain. So sorry again, praying it is all fine! I’m sure dr just wanted the check as reassurance and not concern, that is his style. Hoping that is all! HUGS

  4. That rise sounds really good, sweetie, and I’m sure your doctor is just being sensitive to what you want by having you in early. I’m glad the bleeding has slowed. With both of my miscarriages, the bleeding just got worse and worse no matter what I did. So I think that is very encouraging news! Thinking of you lots!

  5. keeping you in my thoughts while constantly refreshing…thinking of you

  6. I’m just catching up on everything. I’m happy to hear about your bloodwork results but I know how precarious it all feels with the bleeding.

    With my successful pregnancy, I also had bleeding around the time of my betas. Both of my embryos had implanted, but one did not make it and that was probably the reason for the blood. Also, I had a lowish lying placenta but as my uterus expanded it “moved” far enough away from my cervix to not cause any problems.

  7. Well, hell. Universe, enough already! Time to give Mrs. Hope a break. Please.

  8. I know I sent you an email but I wanted to comment publicly. Obviously I have no idea the fear you are feeling–so all I can say is I am so so sorry that this is happening. You have worked so hard, you have done everything right–this kind of uncertainty is just blatantly unfair. Let us keep holding onto all that hope for you!

  9. This sucks. I’m sorry.

  10. Dammit. Just catching up on the past few days. I’m sorry I haven’t been around.

    I am sending you good thoughts and am hoping very much that this works out. Fingers crossed TIGHTLY.


  11. Oh no! Hope it what I had and nothing more! I know it must be agonizing to wait and wonder! STAY STRONG, don’t read ANYTHING on the internet and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  12. That sounds like a terrifying episode, and I really hope that’s all it was.
    Hang in there!

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