~ by Larisa on March 3, 2010.

11 Responses to “Home.”

  1. ((((((<<<<>>>>))))))
    Sending healing vibes your way…

  2. Up above was a hug in case you are wondering…

  3. There’s no place like home. Thinking of you, hoping for no more complications, and healing on every level.

  4. Thinking of you with many healing vibes.


  5. No place like it. So glad you are there.
    Now for the real healing to begin.

  6. So glad you are finally home. Hopefully this physical stuff is over and you can begin your emotional healing….Big Hugs to you and the rest of the Hope’s. Thinking of you constantly…..

  7. I wish your homecoming were a happier one. Take good care of yourself.

  8. Glad to hear you are back home, to stay hopefully! Take care…

  9. FUCK, SHIT and all the rest!!!!!!! SO sorry my love, really, really sorry 😦 xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Thinking of you today, just everything you must be pondering right now. Hoping for your instincts to guide you to the next decision and for your heart to stay strong for whatever bridge you decide to cross next.

  11. I’m so sorry, I’m sending you ((hugs)). not much I can say that can better the situation. so sorry.

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